URGENT!!! Landy brides

I have just heard from a reliable source, that they have gone bankrupt!!!!!!


  • they have gone due to being sued for copying and i think girls should be aware that the bridal designers are backing each other to the hilt on this and they are also after certain other ones as well

    who is next ? anyone who has bought a copy online be very very aware that soon there will be more falling by the way side

  • Here here cariad!

    Copyright is copyright for a reason!

    The internet strikes again eh?
  • Girls

    i think who ever has told you maybe wrong as i emailed them twice yesterday and got replies to both emails today so if they had gone bankrupt no one would of replied and their website would not be working which it is as i have been on it for most of the afternoon. x
  • Me too,

    I am on there at the mo looking at the dresses!?
  • emzltemzlt Posts: 395
    Yes, I've just ordered my BM dresses from them and have had a number of emails back and forth over the past few days. What is the reliable source that gave you the info?
  • Hi

    I received my Landy dress yesterday and sent them an email to say thanks

    I have had a reply this morning

  • Check out www.forums.moneysavingexperts.com. looks like they have gone bust. Im glad I changed my mind. After lots of consideration I decided to buy from my local bridal shop. I had felt really bad going there to check out styles and check my size. But now I am definately going to buy locally. I think the risk is too great to buy from some of these sites in this financial climate. Dont care if it costs more at least I ge the experience and a bit more security.
  • That post on moneysavingsexperts.com is a complete hoax - I checked it out and emailed the lovely lady who runs Landy and she said she'd had a lot of people asking about this recently, but it wasn't true and they were not going bust.

    Think about this logically - one of the only businesses 'safe' in the current economic climate is the wedding business, because people aren't going to stop getting married or saving for their wedding, and even if tiny businesses are going bust, the factories where they make the dresss certainly will not.

    Please don't worry, there is no problem with Landy Bridal and I suspect the only person advertising them 'going bust' is a rival company. I know lots of happy Landy Brides on this very website.

    Have faith - sometimes it pays off image
  • The thread on moneysaving expert is from last July, It was proved to be wrong ages ago. I don't think it's fair to keep dragging it up and scaring people who have dresses on order!
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