MOB and MOG outfits

Hi, I have 2 questions.

Firstly, went shopping with my mum for her dress today. Went to loads of shops and the only one she found she liked was one with pink flowers on a white background. The wedding isn't until August but we were worried that if she left it to see what new stock comes in in a couple of months that she might not find anything else she likes then this dress won't be stocked anymore. I'm not bothered about the fact that only the bride should wear white/ivory as it is not plain white with no colour, and she will accessorize it with pink hat etc. but do you think it will look OK in the photos with my ivory dress?

My second question is does the mother of the groom have to wear the same style of oufit? I.e. does she also have to wear a long dress? My h2b says she never wears dresses and will probably wear a skirt (probably knee length) and jacket.


  • If your Mum loves it, she should buy it. It sounds like a really nice outfit. It'll be fine with your dress. One of my guests wore a white dress with black spots and it didn't make my dress look 'off' at all.

    As for MOG, no I've never heard that she has to wear the same style as MOB. I think it is traditional that the MOB chooses her outfit and the MOG should then not choose the same colour/s out of courtesy. But as for style, no they don't have to wear the same. It's best if they're both comfortable, anyway, without having to worry about being the right style.

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