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I've seen the dress i want, it's a Maggie Sottero called brittanya. The thing is, I'm being quoted £975 from the bridal shop and you can buy it on-line from American companies for around £450 - £500. Does anyone ahve any experience of buying over the internet? Am unsure of buying such an important thing without seeing it, would be grateful if any one has any recommendations.


Julie x


  • Hi Julie

    It's a tough one! Most people would probably say not to but I'm being contrary and getting mine online anyway! I can't really offer much advice - you're either willing to take the risk or not! To be honest, I'd be much much happier having saved £500 that I can spend on the honeymoon than worrying whether I have a "perfectly fitting dress"!!

    Though if you have actually seen the dress and tried it on then I don't think ordering online from America is a problem at all - biggest risk is if you're buying a different style from what you've tried on. Only things to be careful of are customs charges (if they catch you out) and returns. Most of the American sites I've looked at charge a 50% resotcking fee for returned bridal gowns (that aren't faulty). Also check delivery times as some are 16 weeks.

    Also I've looked at testimonials and feedback on Ebay from online dresses and it is generally very positive. Good luck with whatever you decide! xx
  • VenetiaukVenetiauk Posts: 23
    Hi there

    I'm getting my wedding dress from ebay - one of the chinese manufacturers - my dress should be £1500 here - a "version" of it is £120 (approx) on there - it's made to measure and I have every confidence in the supplier - their feed back is 100% and they've had over 1000 customers.

    You get ebay protection anyway if it all goes pear shaped!

    Or you could get your dress second hand off ebay! There's loads of Maggie ones on there.

    Good luck


  • I've seen the exact one I tried on, it;s on one of the e-bay shops and says it's a real maggie with a certificate of authenticity so it sounds ok, I think I n=might go with it, £500 is a lot of money.

    Am definitely going to get my bridesmaid dresses from house of brides online - dessy and alfred angelo are 1/2 the price they are here!

    Thanks for the reassurance

    Julie xx
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