bridesmaid dress for a bridesmaid in Dubai

Hi Brides to be, I'm hoping you can help. Basically I've got 1 bridesmaid my best friend who lives in Dubai and I need to find a bridesmaid dress for her in the UK. She's told me that she can't find a thing in Dubai. The first problem is I'll have to buy her a size 8 and just send it to her hoping it fits and the second problem is I'm on a tight budget and something from Monsoon or somewhere like that would be ideal. I need a dress thats knee length in gold or champagne but not strapless and that costs less than £150. Any ideas? I can't find anything...I need help!


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  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621
    Yes, Coast have lots in that colour at the moment - definitely worth a look - very bridesmaidy too.
  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252

    You could try or

    they both have short styles and are Alfred Angelo especially is reasonably priced and come in every colour you can think of.

    Good luck.

  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252
    Ps. I am going to Dubai in September if I can be of help delivering or picking up. Also have a friend with a Courier company who could probably get you a decent price for mailing.
  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    I was in Debenhams the other day and they've got some gorgeous dresses on sale too.

    Or if you're brave enough you can get gorge dresses off Ebay, a lot of them come from China and Hong Kong. Go for one (an Ebay shop) with decent feedback and you could get it sent straight there so your saving on two counts. :\)
  • VenetiaukVenetiauk Posts: 23
    Hi there

    I would recommend ebay - if you aren't brave enough to order from China (although I'm getting my wedding dress from there - should be £1500 - getting it for £120!), you could see if there are any second hand ones.

    Good luck

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  • Thanks so much Beanie but they need to be knee length - this is no easy search. Went to the metro centre and looked in coast, karen Millen, Monsoon, Debenhams etc but nothing!
  • leighghleighgh Posts: 97
    Claire 07.10 ..... why not get something made ? The material in Dubai is so cheap and there are plenty of dressmakers ..... think you would save yourself a fortune, you could find a website or picture of the kind of dress you and your bridesmaid would like and the dressmaker could copy it then you don't need to worry about getting a dress that fits your bridesmaid properly, this way it would be perfect, made to measure and she would be there to have all the fittings ??

    Good luck x
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