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I'm not getting married until September 2007 and am only having two bridesmaids. My problem is my adult bridesmaid is around a size 28 and trying to find a traditional dress that would flatter is proving very difficult. I was looking on the Evans website earlier and have come across a green tea length dress which would be perfect (plus its only £35). My only problem is she's in and out of hospital and although i know she'll be big forever, her weight does fluctate, so after all that my query is should i buy the dress even though we have over a year to wait for the wedding?


  • Seeing as it's only £35 I think you should go for it, after taking her opinion. If it was £100 it's a bit different, but it's not much of a loss if you don't need it, and it could yet be a lifesaver!

    I've probably spent £35 on wedding magazines alone in the last month or two, and as it's a while away to the wedding it's not like huge expenditure all at once. Go for it! xxx:\)
  • sally252uksally252uk Posts: 801
    I think you should go for it and buy it anyway, it is only £35 and if she does loose weight you could pay someone to alter it for her which wouldn't be much of a problem.

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    Bride to be,

    I have a bridesmaid who is a size 30, one size 2 and one size 12. This is the link to their dress which I think will flatter them all.
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