Alvina Valenta Dress

Hi - can anyone help?

I have seen a dress I love by Alvina Valenta which I think they stock in House of Couture, Essex. The only problem is I dont like the back!! Has anyone been there and do you know if they can alter parts of dresses you dont like? It says 'alterations' on their site but is this to the extent of changing the back of a dress?! Has anyone had a similar problem?



  • rinnieukrinnieuk Posts: 158
    I am pretty sure that a friend of my sister in law, got her dress from there and they gave her a lace up back rather than a zip. You should give them a call and ask, it may vary for different dress designs.
  • Kaos503Kaos503 Posts: 27
    Thanks Bride2B thats what I want. I'll give them a call to find out.
  • hettie21hettie21 Posts: 27

    I hadn't heard of this designer but I just had a look at the webiste and the dresses are gorgeous, are they expensive?

    I have tried on and really love Capri by Maggie Sootero but the beading detail looks plasticy and really cheap- does anyone know if I could order the dress plain and get a dress make to put some nicer detailing on it?

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