Circle Skirt - Please help.


After 4 months of trying on dresses I finally found the perfect one last night only to be told the skirt had been dicountinued - v. annoyed that the shop is letting people try on discountinued items.

I want a strapless sparkly corset back top with a Circle Skirt. Preferably in Ivory - does anyone know of any dresses like this?

Kate Sherfords Joy is perfect except it is lacking the detail and sparkle I would like on the top.

Any recommendations or suggestions will be gratefully considered.

I really thought I had found my dream dress - could cry - going to have more than a few Vodkas tonight - one good thing though this time next year I will be getting married (hopefully in the dress of my dreams).


  • ego22ego22 Posts: 171
    Could you buy the bodice and get a skirt made up by a dressmaker to go with it? Sounds like it is the bodice that is more intricate? Or buy the plainer version and get it embellished? I guess you've tried looking for the discontinued skirt on ebay? How about contacting although I know you are nowhere near Berkshire but they will try to source particular dresses secondhand or nearly new if they can, so might be worth an enquiry since you have already tried it on. Or even contact the designers direct and see if they can help at all eg. one of their stockists somewhere might have the right size sample?

    I'm sure other people will have more helpful suggestions... Good luck! :\)
  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252
    Hi lizzie,

    Thanks for that - I had thought of both those options and might go with either should it come to it but hopefully I'll be able to find a dress thats fits all my requirements - wishful thinking probably - hopefully someone will have tried on a dress that fits the bill and will let me know.

  • rocksatyarocksatya Posts: 95

    Have you looked at any Mori Lee dresses, I think they have a few of the types of dress you're looking for. Good luck!
  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252
    Thanks Lou,

    I had a look but they are not quite what I am looking for. The skirt I tried on last night was circle cut chiffon which fell in drapes to an a-line shape. They are not showing the skirt on the essense site but the bodice is there go to custom gowns and the bodice is on the second page - B549.

    Will keep searching....
  • honeybee - if you have such an exact requirement why not have the skirt (and bodice) made just for you. There are plently of dress designers out there who cater for the whim of every bride and will make them the dress of their dreams. I know that where I bought my dress they also advertised themselves as being able to work bespoke/personal dresses

    Might not be the cheapest option, but then if it keeps the bride happy.............

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