Worrying about accessories again! Shoes and dress!


I'm worrying about shoes! I really want to wear round toed, vintage style shoes with my dress which has a distinct vintage feel about it. But I keep being told that they look 'clumpy' or 'like kid's shoes'. Here is a picture of my dress (the colour is completely different in the flesh - it is a pale ivory. And I look completely different in it as I have an english rose complexion and auban hair - and I'm not all oily!):


Here are the shoes I like (but in silver leather):




What do you think? Should I just give in and get pointies??

Thank you.


  • ego22ego22 Posts: 171
    Personally I love round-toed shoes and am so glad they're actually a bit fashionable again at the moment. Those two pairs you like are really lovely, Philippa, and I think they definitely suit your dress. I know the model has pointy ones but as you say you look nothing like her and you're creating a look for you not trying to be her. I wouldn't say they were clumpy or kiddie - just classic and a bit vintage, which is very classy at the moment. So I say go for it! :\)
  • ClaraPClaraP Posts: 99
    Wow! Beautiful dress hun!

    I think the shoes are lovely and ultimately, it's your decision and need to be confident in your choice, because it's your day - if you love those shoes, then wear 'em! Personal preference only, but I thought the Emmy ones had the edge (very useful post-wedding, too, I'd imagine!). I'm thinking about Emmy shoes as well, so maybe a bit biased. Have you thought about an open toe though: These ones are lovely and would go beautifully with your dress:


    So many beautiful shoes out there.... sigh....

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