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Hi ladies,

i wonder i any of you can help...i'm planning on having one adult bridesmaid (my big sis) at my wedding next June and want to have her dress made by friend of my mums who's a fantastic dress maker- i may even get her to do mine! The problem i have is in finding a decent dress pattern for this. My sis and i both love the look of a Dessy dress- style 6192 on the webiste and would like something similar. All the patterns i have looked at however in John Lewis for eg, seem dated and the models have very 80's hair do's- not very inspiring at all!!!

Do any of you know where i can find modern, elegant patterns on a par with the Dessy dress above?!


Jules xx


  • Have you tried looking online? There are plenty of websites with patterns available, yes some of them are rather dated, but remember your friend could adapt them:




    Also, check out Vogue patterns-there are some lovely ones when you look hard enough.

    Hope this helps!x
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    Hi Jules, out of interest what pattern book were you looking at? Last time I went to John Lewis they had a VERY limited selection of pattern books. If you're in Lndon, check out the sering and craft superstore in Tooting. They do all the major pattern books (Vogue, Simplicity, New Look, Mccalls, Butterick, Burda).

    You might be better off looking at patterns online rather than going to stores. Some places will do mail order if you're not sure where to get the pattern itself from.

    www.sewingpatterns.com is a good site to get an overview of what the different companies do, and saves time so you don't have to go to each company's site seperately,

    Anyway, what about Simplicity 4143?


    (edited to add: OK, don't think that link worked, but go to 'Women' under Simplicity Apparel, and then select 'Special occasion'.)

    Remember most patterns will have several different versions in the packet, so if you're not convinced by the dress at first, there may be another style in the packet which you like better, IYSWIM.

    Also check out www.patternreview.com, which is an excellent site where you can read reviews of loads of different patters.



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