Im new needing help :)

Hi all, this looks a great place and i have been having a good look at old post, Im getting married next year in tobego in april, Im finding it so hard to find a dress that i like, i've looked at hundreds of them, I know we are all like this, hard to look for something when you dont know what your looking for.

Anyway my dilema is, Im a biggish girl, Im a size 16 and have large breast (42e)and i am finding it so hard to find a nice dress that i think will look nice on me and what i like, Does anyone know of any websites i could look at? I have done a search but dont seem to find anything for my size! I was told to look for a princess dress design that went out from the hips, what do you think? I know im not going to look a size 10 (i wish hehe)

I am wanting a dress that will be cool enough for the heat (going to be around 90f) and i also want to wear it to our reception when i get home with adding a wrap or something.

Thanks so much for any help

maxine x


  • Katie88ukKatie88uk Posts: 535
    Hey Maxine image

    congratulations on your engagement image and getting maried in tobego sounds lovely, you lucky girl!

    on the dress front, i'd try alfred angelo, his dresses go up to a size 32 and you can have parts re adjusted to suit you depending on which store you buy through. im a size 12-14 so i know how it feels to try and find something u like without a twig of a woman giving snide comment.

    Katie x x x
  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252
    Hi Maxine,

    I am a 14-16 and have found that the best style for me is a corset top - the ties at the back pull in to give me a fantastic shape and should also accomodate any size of bust - bottom half I would go for an A-line or full skirt. Have a look at for some fab corset dresses.

    Good Luck

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