do i have to wear white shoes?

as the title suggests do i have to wear white shoes? not picked a dress yet but know my colour scheme and want to buy shoes that i will wear more than twice! (wedding abroad then celebration at home 2 weeks later)

i did a quick search but couldnt find anything posted recently. these are the shoes i love

sorry not sure how to post pics x


  • Not at all! I'm wearing teal boots with a white dress!
  • They are gorgeous shoes and a cheeky hint of pink peeping out from under your dress will be fun!
  • thanks - as soon as I get paid i am getting them i think
  • Mine are silver from new look - do whatever you fancy!
  • moony1983moony1983 Posts: 656
    Hi. NOT at all, plus I LOVE the hot pink! I'm wearing flat (as my future hubby is smaller than me) satin blue mary jane pumps... They pretty much match the colour of the bridesmaids dresses so I think it will look FAB when your walking... Go for the PINK!!!!
  • michjoemichjoe Posts: 544
    I don't think you have to wear white shoes, mine are silver and i'm wearing an ivory dress.

    I think you shoes are lovely, definately get them x
  • lamcilroylamcilroy Posts: 734
    I have gone for traditional shoes as my mum didn't like the idea of me not! If I had a choice I was going to get tartan shoes to match H2Bs kilt.

    I think the coloured shoes are a good idea, just a hint will show under the dress (assuming it is full length. - go for it!
  • MrsRedRufflesMrsRedRuffles Posts: 2,409
    I love coloured shoes, that little glimpse of colour will be great. Im having dark red shoes for the ceremony and some wellies for getting around outside the church as thers isnt really a proper carpark! and then for the evening I am getting some polka dot pumps hopefully so I can stay on my feet!

    If you are having a tea length dress then coloured shoes also look amazing becasue they are on show.

  • I'm also having hot pink shoes and i think they'll look great under my dress.

    Ordered them last night so can't wait for them to arrive!
  • waggiewoowaggiewoo Posts: 111
    No, wear what you like! My friend wore flip flops!

    A flash of colour under a dress, is a little exciting!
  • HI! I am wearing bright pink shoes under an ivory dress! I didn't want ivory shoes that I would only wear on my wedding day so I decided to wear the same shoes as my bridesmaids!
  • you know i was never a pink person until i was trying on engagement rings, its a pink saphire and teo diamonds either side so carrying on the pink theme and going for a strong colour as going abroad and dont want it to be washed out - plus my cousin went for pale pink and i didnt think too much of it (sorry if thats mean but its was too pale to contrast)

    - crap i never even thought about the height issue - he is taller and they are 4 inches and im 5'7 -5'6 if im honest. its not a jinx if he sees the shoes though so may have to get a sub from mum and do the height test. (only broke cos i had the cake deposit and venue fee in one month - ouch!)

    astrudle - i love that blue . i think picking a colour that matches bridesmaids or theme ties it all together better
  • You defo can wear any coolour. Like Carrie in SATC. her blue shoes are too die for. There was a girl on here recently who bought them as her something jealous. They were gorgeous Manolo's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kimmy1980Kimmy1980 Posts: 13
    Oh no no! I'm going red! Will make a statement on the day and can wear them out after!
  • I LOVE the coloured shoe idea. I hadn't thought of that so far..... Those pink shoes are beautiful redcrx.
  • LOL - I thought I was being really unusual and quirky wearing hot pink shoes with my ivory/grey tulle dress for my wedding!! But you're all at it! Those debenhams ones are gorgeous - very similar to mine but mine have a bit of bling on the front! Go for it!!

    I'm just deciding whether to have my dress to the floor so the shoes are a suprise when i let them peak out, or a little shorter so they show. what are you other coloured-shoes-and-long-dress ladies doing?
  • beasukbeasuk Posts: 932
    Definitely go for the coloured shoes. I wore these for my wedding in November and everyone loved them

  • If you want coloured shoes, go ahead. I went for these gorgeous shoes.

  • Of course you don't have to wear white shoes. The ones you like are gorgeous. Wouldn't suggest wearing them with a pale pink or blue dress though. Might clash
  • xmasKTukxmasKTuk Posts: 63
    oh wow im thinking about getting them in red!!! so yes def get them haha. im having red bridesmaids and just thought the hint of colour would be so nice and different underneath my dress. only prob for me is that they seem a bit high so might get them for the day and get flatter ones for evening with all the dancing!

    x x x
  • Noooo of course not I have royal blue shoes (my something blue)! x
  • well mum is on board with coloured shoes image even my fashion concious sis is in approval lol roll o the 15th......

    xmasKT they look so nice in all the colours they do i want them all!

    i've not thought about my dress yet, but it will probably be not quite to the ground as i want a beach wedding so a trailing dress isnt really viable.

    they are 4inches so hopefully if i get them early enough i will get used to walking in them so i can last all day and night image
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