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Hi all,

I ordered my dress on Saturday, and it's a Maggie! Only thing i was slightly concerned about is that they said they would order me a size 6, which i assumed a 6US size, but looking at my invoice, it says on there UK6 - could this be right? My measurements are B- 33.5, W - 26, H - 35.5. If anyone could help or share what size they have been ordered that'd be great!!

Hope everyone's planning is going well xx


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    Maggie sizes do come bigger so I think this iscorrect as I tried on a size 8 and the lady in the shop said I needed a size 6 and my measurements are B- 33, W- 25, H-35.5 so similiar to yourself image
  • Don't worry, Maggie sizes are definatey bigger.

    I am normally a UK size 10-12. My Maggie dress is a UK 10 but i had to have it taken in quite a bit and could prob have got away with an 8.

    I LOVE Maggie Dresses!!!!!!!!!
  • melwingmelwing Posts: 2,666
    I found this on a past thread. It looks like this might be the american sizes.

  • melwingmelwing Posts: 2,666
    I found this on a past thread. It looks like this might be the american sizes.

  • melwingmelwing Posts: 2,666
    Double post!

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    So it looks like I'm a size US 4 and a UK size 6 like you. So don't worry. The wedding dress sizes are so weird but then I guess its no different from the high street where shops like Jane Norman there sizes come really small and marks and spencers come really big.

    I tried on a Caroline Castigliano dress and I was a UK size 10 and Maggie Sottero I'm a size 6. I'd rather be a size 6 though lol

    Better for the good olde ego hehe

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    Hiya all, thanks for your replies, i was really starting to panic!! my mum keeps reminding me that they know what they are doing in the shop, but i normally wear a 10 on the bottom and 8 on the top so when she said 6 i assumed she meant US size! Was worred esp as my dress style is quite tight anyway - i'm not going to be able to breath!! Which maggie are you all having? Mine's brightyn

  • Hi bride2b2510,

    I love your dress. Can you tell me if you can pull the train up for dancing?
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    oo thanks marquise missy, the ladies at the dress shop said that when it get's altered they will look at the best way of sorting out the train so that i can dance! I love the back! exciting!
  • Hi bride2b2510,

    I've ordered a MS dress too, I'm a size 10 but the dress has been ordered in a size 6 too. Don't worry, it will be perfect image
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    Thanks MrsJacobs2be, glad to hear of a fellow size 10 with a size 6 dress! Maybe it's just to flatter us?! Thanks very much girlies! xx
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    i'm normally an 8 and my Maggie dress was ordered in a 4!! i thought i misheard when the lady first told me hehe! She did also say to me that although our normal clothes are a bigger size, thats because we also hardly ever tend to wear anything that would need pulling in as much as wedding dress! i guess it makes sense image
  • Nevesta,

    Hi, can I ask where are you from???
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    i'm in London :\) why do you ask?:\)

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    Hi bride2b2510

    Can i ask you where you have orderd your Maggie Dress from?? Im am going to order my dress online this week but is a bit sceptic to order online....


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    Hi ladies

    I also have a Maggie dress. I ordered mine from a website in the US and mine is a size 6. You are right, they are US sizes - you add on 4 to get to your correct UK size, therefore I am a UK size 10.

    There was a discussion about whether I should order an 8 or 10 (UK size). I went for the 10 in the end which fits perfectly apart from the bust which is huge! I also ordered a Petite Length, and glad that I did!

    I used and had no problems at all
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    Mine was ordered in a 12 and I am a 12??? I think it said UK 12 on the invoice??? I am off to try my dress next month, I havent seen it since it come in. I have been very patient, so I will have a looksie xx
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    Mine is a 10 and I am a 10 and it's a perfect fit. Don't forget we are all different shapes though and I'm sure the shop know what they're doing! My dress is Brea in ivory and gold. I have a similar train to yours and the seamstress is putting a hook thingy for later on. Don't panic!! xx

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    Hello don't worry! I'm exactly the same except I'm 33.5 -25.5-35.5... and a size 6. my dress is corseted and lace up at the back, so i assume they have a bit of room. I'm a size 8-10 normally. x
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