Cleavage!!! Advice please!!!

Hi people!!!

Just wondering if I could get some advice please...........

it's my cleavage!!! i had my first fitting yesterday (went really well - phew!) and cuz of style of dress and cuz of my cleavage anyway, it's pushed them right up and my cleavage is... well... pretty on show!!!

it's not distasteful, cuz it's me!!! i have huge boobs (we're talking Bravissimo boobs!!!), so it's obvious i'd have a cleavage if i was to wear somehting like this!!1

but i'm now worried... do you think people would talk? do you think it'd look awful?

i've been told that they can add a piece of material on like a press-stud, to help cover it up for the cermeony then whip them out at the receptin! but i don't really want that. but if people's opinons' are that it's distasteful then i will do it!

Advice would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you



  • antonia5ukantonia5uk Posts: 130
    hi pinkbridezilla no i dont think it distasteful my cleavage will b showing as well i think it looks gr8! yes i have bravissimo boobs too!!! 32f!!!! i dont think u shud spoil ur dress by adding material to it if u think it looks gr8 then theres ur answer u will look fab. people talk anyway wudnt worry! have u got a picture of ur dress???
  • lisagreenerlisagreener Posts: 213
    Hi big boobed lady!

    Sometimes looking down at your own cleavage makes it appear more than it really is! I'm sure looking at you from the front on it's not as bad as you think!

    Anyway, don't they say you should 'celebrate your curves'?
  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    my mum told me if u've got it flaunt it! and as she isnt going to b there only in spirit i've got the best padded push up basque i could find and a real low v in my cups of dress. i'm doing it 4 her. i dont care wat other ppl think.
  • shunafroodshunafrood Posts: 252
    It depends on how much is showing - a little can be really sexy but too much is just trashy. If you are getting married in church it is also inappropriate.
  • Thank you all for your advice. Am feeling alright about it all now image

    No, it's not a church by the way - i agree - that'd be different.

    Haven't got a piccie of my dress annoyingly - not on a webiste or anything.

    Just looked up a few dresses on confetti to see if any are similar... this one's nearest i can find:

    but imagine 36G (maybe a size bigger if am honest - damnit!!!) and a size 18/20 person in it!!! so where her cleavage is covered really, mine would be that line thing going on!!!

    hope that makes sense!!!

  • antonia5ukantonia5uk Posts: 130
    oh thats lovely pink i wouldnt worry u will look gr8!xx
  • PlumukPlumuk Posts: 14
    Hi Guys,

    Im a 42F and a size 16, wearing a corset style dress, so my cleavage is going to be just like yours Pink kinda out there!

    I think the people who are going to be at your wedding know you and will just think how great you look! I think as long as you feel comftable with yourself it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks! And im sure H2B will think it's great!!!

    Trying to find some really sexy and nice underwear though is really difficult, even bravissimo only do a few with a 42 back!


  • Yeh, it's WELL frustrating isn't it, Plum!?! Have you come across any good websites that do funky undies? Don't wanna pay a fortune tho!!!

    Also got the same problem with swimwear - Bravissimo is a bit too much for that really. i tried Evans, but it was tight on boobs and baggy on waist!!! looked awful!!!

    Oh well...!!!

    Thank you all again for making me feel A LOT better! Am kinda looking forward to showing them off now!!!

    you i don't EVER!!! Like... EVER!!! i always wear t-shirts that go to my neck and when i go out at night i wear high stuff too!!!

    i'd forgotten i had them!!!


    Thank you image

  • I too have bravissimo boobs and tried on a strapless Caroline Castigliano dress and they shrunk. It was amazing. The cut was quite high so they weren't on show. It was really tasteful I was shocked.

    Have you tried any strapless ones on? You will be amazed as long as they are not too low cut.
  • Yes - lookedd awful! Doesn't matter anyway - I've bought this dress and had my first fitting!

  • cjacksonukcjacksonuk Posts: 227
    Hey Pink

    Another fellow bravissimo chick here - 34F / 32G (depends!!!)

    My dress is quite a plunging neckline so I am going to tape myself in to ensure I am perfectly covered.

    You could maybe tape the dress to where you want it to sit on the bust?!?!?

    Go for it!!!

    CJ xx
  • Same problem here, depending on shops they can be a 38e to a 40g! I'm going for a dress with either cap sleeves or thick straps like the bonny dress on confetti, wouldnt feel comfetable other wise. I've always worn tops and dresses that are low cut, so its me, but do what u feel comfetable with, other wise it wont be fun!
  • lisacuklisacuk Posts: 536
    Hi to all fellow busty ladies!!! I am size 14 but 38DD boobs and have managed to pick a strapless dress but no matter what dress we will all look fab!! H2b's love us for us and well must be boob men!!! On a more serious note M+S do wonderful minimiser bras and convertables in all sizes good luck xxLisaxx
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