Starting to fret; I haven't found THE dress yet...

Hi, I'm new here (cautiously embracing my new BRIDEZILLA status...)!

I'm originally from Finland, but have lived, studied and worked in UK for about 14 years so far. My fiance is half-Irish, half-Finnish and we met over here, which was amazingly lucky.

We're getting married in July -07 and have decided to arrange the wedding in Finland (it will actually reduce the amount of travelling required for our guests, as most of them will be Finnish).

Both of us are not fans of traditional white wedding looks - and this happens to be my second time around, so I would feel like a bit of an imposter in pure white, but I could consider some off-white colours...

We are about to travel to Finland soon to start the planning process: getting the venue booked, organising a local wedding planner, but I have a major dilemma:


Eeeek! I've looked through hundreds of pictures and the only ones I like cost an arm and a leg.

Has anyone here had any unusual wedding dresses that they could share a picture of? Anyone here used a coloured dress? What did your groom wear to match? How much did it cost?

I'm possibly thinking of having something made, but I don't know if the cost would be prohibitive. If anyone knows of a wedding dress maker in Surrey/West Sussex, please could you let me know!
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