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Anyone having ties/cravats made?

Just wondering if anyone is having their ties/cravats made specially? We're hiring all the suits for the guys but no luck so far finding (or agreeing on )ties to match the BM dress and rest of colour scheme. Am considering getting extra material same as BM dress and having them made - any idea of cost?


  • hi bluebabe

    i got cravats made of extra material from our bridesmaids dresses they only cost a tenner each

  • Thanks for your reply Sharon, that sounds good. Did you order extra material when you got your BM dresses or was it extra material cos dresses were too long or something?

    I've just had a quote for cravats being made, same material as the Dessy BM dress and they're saying £21. I'm hoping to do it for less that that as we'll need 6 made.

    I have my MIL2B on the hunt for material in Indonesia, hoping it might be cheaper!

    Anyone else had them made?
  • amyvairaamyvaira Posts: 276
    We're having ours made and they are costing £14 but that includes a matching hankie too.
  • hi bluebabe

    i ordered the extra material when they were making the bridesmaids dresses


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