Silver Wrap


I have just bought a gorgeous blue/purple dress from Monsoon for my friends wedding and I have bought silver shoes - I am looking for silver wrap or light jacket - does anyone know of anywhere on the highstreet I can get something like this?




  • ego22ego22 Posts: 171
    My sister got a lovely silver organza wrap from Tie Rack to go with a ball dress. Was last year but I've seen nice things in there this year too and they usually have a good range of colours. Also Debenhams might be worth a try, she got a bag to match in there.
  • devilsice1devilsice1 Posts: 140
    with Tie rack you can mail order as well. They have a nice catalogue with lots of wedding accessories.You can also order from the website.
  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252
    Thanks guys - the jacket in Tie Rack looks perfect.

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