Debenhams wedding dresses

In a pondry, dont know whether to go for a maggie sottero dress called candice marie in blush or to go for a jasper conran dress from debenhams. Love both of them except maggies dress is £800 and the Jasper one is £400. Will everyone have seen the debenhams one before, what do people think?


  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252
    Is the style of the debenhams one one that you could wear elsewhere - i.e a ball or new year party - if so go for the Maggie. I think that you should wear a dress on your wedding day that you would not be able to wear any other day. If thats the case with the Debenhams one aswell - still go for the Maggie causes its gorgeous !!!!!
  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    You have to think though, when you see someone wearing a dress it looks different from how it does when it's hung up in a shop. Plus, you'll be accessorizing so it will look different again.

    If you love it as much as the MS dress then there's no contest really is there?

    But then again, if you're only considering it because you feel guilty about having a splurge on an MS dress, think about whether you'll regret is the most special day in your life after all and you need to feel as special as poss!!

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  • alison_palison_p Posts: 10
    If you really do genuinely love the Debenhams one, then it seems a bit silly to spend the extra money on a more expensive dress just because you feel you should.

    As for everyone having seen it before, it's a bit unlikely. People go to... what, 2-3 weddings a year? The chances of one of those brides wearing the same dress is negligible. And since MS is so well known. it strikes me they might be more likely to recognise her dress than the Debenhams one, tbh. ;\)

    That said, buy the dress that you truly love and that fits in your budget plan.


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