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Maid of honour, diffrent dress??

I have 6 adult bridesmaids, I got there dresses at a real bargain price.

I bought the dresses on the off chance they would fit my 6 friends and they do, out of the six friends i havnt got a maid of honour.

I have a friend who I have known for years but dont see very often as she lives far away from me, i was thiking of making my chief bridesmaid, however as i only have 6 dresses, I will need to get a different dress, maybe even a different colour. Whta do you think to that and how do you think she will feel, looking different from the others?



  • Hi Miss O,

    Well I think its a lovely idea, I am getting married for 2nd time and I am having my nineteen yr old daughter and my two neices 2b who are 8 and 10 the little ones are wearing cream dresses with gold sashes and my daughter is wearing green tafeta dress, (like a 50's party dress) and my dress is a similar colour gold to the little girls, I think it looks nice to have a bit of different colour rather than it looking uniformal....

    Hope this helps... What colours are you having?

  • Well In total I have 9 bridesmaids 10 if I ask my other friend.

    At the moment i have 3 plum colour dresses, and 3 blue dresses, they are my adults, I have two nieces to be and my friends little girl whom I want to wear ivory dresses, maybe with a sash to co-ordinate witht he adults, what do you think???

    So my cheif bridesmaid will be completely different!!

  • Hi

    Well why dont you pick up the other colours in the cheif bridesmaid dress, either with a main colour and use the colour of the sahes put in opposite ie blue dress purple sash or purple dress blue sash, or put her in Cream the same as the little ones but with a sash in the same colour as the adult ones,,, or make her flowers different from the rest.. and hair etc.

    Hope this helps and makes sense..


  • miss organised - think that sound fine. Its sort of traditional for the chief bridesmaid to be different and for the little ones to be in ivory or white to compliment you.

  • yea thanks jo, thst certainly does give me something to think about xx
  • thanks laura xx
  • Hi I have 3 bridemaids and had all their dresses made. My 2 Bms have the same dress and my Maid of Honour has the same fabric but totally diff style.

    This was mainly because she is a completely diff shape to the other 2!! But it looks lovely esp since my flower girl will be different again. I ahave co-ord all 3x Bms with bags, shoes, wraps and similar jewels and since they are all wearing the same fabric and colour it doesnt matter they are different.
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