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Pale /cream suits for......

H2b and Son age 12-13 years

The ones in next look darker than H2b wants and they haven't actually got any in the store near us, we would have to go to a bigger store to see them.

M & S suits look very pale but again I need to go to a bigger store to see them.

Has anybody seen any Linen/ linen blend suits anywhere else. They have to be Pale or cream but not white. I didn't realise how hard it would be to find them!!!

Any suggestions gratefully received!

:\? :\?


  • How about ordering just a jacket from their online stores to see, then if its not right return it? Its perhaps a little early for the linen things to be around, some shops still have a sale on, I would think by the end of March there will be a lot. Of course the usual suspects of Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser will probably have lots.

    HTH - Laura
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