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Hi All,

I get married on the 14th July 07 and I am about to have my first fitting in mid March. I am looking for ivory satin shoes with a kitten heel. I have already looked at some lovely L K Benett shoes but also saw the Rainbow shoes online. Do you know of any other places I can try online or shops in central London I can visit?

Thanks! x


  • PickwaiPickwai Posts: 406
    There is a shop on on Bond Street, near the Fenwicks, called Ivory, or something like that, and the downstairs bit is just full of wedding shoes. They have a website (don't know it off the top of my head) but you can't order from it. I almost bought some shoes from there.

    Or try for online stockists of other bridal shoe designers.
  • PickwaiPickwai Posts: 406
    Have found the Ivory website -

    Happy shopping!
  • kodeykodey Posts: 375
    Hi - I am also getting married on the 14th July 2007 and have my first toile fitting on the 10th March. I got my shoes from the Rainbow collection, 'Sandra' and they're really comfortable, a 3 inch heel. I got them from the Accessory Boutique which are an on-line set-up.

    I think Dune as well as LK Bennett have a wedding shoe collection - they bring them out in spring usually.
  • lislamlislam Posts: 130
    I went to Ivory, but found the shoes a bit too conventional.. then i looked in john lewis at the gabriella & lucido collection which is an off shoot of rainbow and found a really pretty pair 'amelia' which i love!

    there are also lots of bridal shops on Chilterns street but they seemed a bit snooty and stocked the same shoes as everywhere else but at a 10% mark up. there is also another range Pink by paradox which are quite pretty also and quite affordable. x
  • got mine from BHS they had loads of styles, im the same only wanted a kitten heel the ones I brought are about an inch high and so gorgeous. They had loads though with little heels!
  • Hi I got my rainbow club shoes yasmin from accessory boutique and can recommend both the shoes which are really comfy and the retailer which provided a really professional service.

  • Excellent..Thank you all! Have just spent the last hour on the accessory boutique website. Fell in love with loads of shoes! I was thinking of going to John Lewis over the weekend and try some on. Fingers crossed i'll find the right pair x
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