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Hi Guys,

Just wanted a bit of advice really as I'm in a bit of a dilemma! Thought I'd found my bridesmaids dresses, but that didn't work out-didn't suit the first bridesmaid that tried it on so having to rethink now. I found 2 dresses I like by Raylia, but none of the stores within a couple of hours of where I live stock them. I'd like to get all of my bridesmaid together to go dress hunting, but 2 of them live in the same city as me, one lives in Brighton, and the other lives in Southampton! We're all broke, so it's not like we can even afford a weekend together to go shopping. I'm looking for something quite sophisticated in pink, preferably not satin, but having a nightmare finding anything that all of the bridesmaids will be able to try on!

Does any one have any suggestions?

Sorry to go on,




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    I tried on a gorgeous pink dress in Monsoon at the weekend. It was floor length with a tiny train at the back (2 inches). It was empire line and a chiffon fabric and I think it was £135 but I can't see it on the website. Worth a try if both your bridesmaids have Monsoons near them - they could take a digital camera and mail you photos to see if you like them.

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    Thanks Honeybee, I'll give that a go!


  • i have the same problem i have two bridesmaids both very different shapes one in ipswich im in hastings and one in poland. so i have given them both a colour and fabric sample and they are sorting it out they know what thay like and what i like so it kinda makes sence. they can buy ready made or get one made to design. hope you find what your looking for. x
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    I've got one bridesmaid in Loughborough and one in Sweden. They both want very different dresses, as one prefers sleeves and the other strapless. However, I can't find any bridesmaid dresses in the shops which have sleeves.

    I think the idea of giving each a fabric sample could solve the problem, as although they would be wearing different dresses they would be the same colour and they would both feel comfortable in them.

    Great idea Loobylou!
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    Very practical thinking, I may have to try that!
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    you could try alfred angelo,they seem to have a large stockist area. The dress my adult bridesmaids does look awful on the website and on the hanger but they were persuaded by the shop to try them on and they love it, they are in fuschia pink in a chiffon.

    The website colours don't do them justice, good luck, Alex
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    Funny you should say that, I've just been looking at some of their dresses, they've got lots of really pretty ones!
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