AugustaJones (Scarlett Poppy-Leeds) or Ring o' Roses(Ldn)


I wondered if you folks out there could help me.

After searching high and low, I've found several dresses I like on the Augusta Jones website. Has anyone ordered an Augusta Jones dress and if so could could I be cheeky and ask for an indicator on cost?

I saw from their website that Scarlett Poppy in Leeds are a stockist. Does anyone have any experience of buying a dress from them? Alternatively I could buy from a London store as I work a lot there in the week. I've already looked in House of Fraser and thought they had a limited collection but does anyone have any experience of Ring O' Roses in Butlers Wharf who are also a stockist?

Many thanks


  • i have been to scarlett poppy in leeds, they have been in business for years so must be doing something right and it seemed pretty nice .... its off the beaten track tho and if you know somewhere closer is it worth trecking all that way??

  • Hiya, I bought my AJ dress from Ring O Roses in Blackfen. I thought the service was fine - they let me go back several times to try it before committing. I havent yet had the fittings, which I guess will be the test, but am not nervous (and I know the dress is already there for me when I'm ready).

    As for prices, mine was £1200 but it's worth looking around because I saw the same one at the national wedding fair for £1900!!
  • I've been to the Ring o Roses store in Mitcham and they were fine. Little bit too agreeing to whatever I said for my liking but that's down to the salesperson.
  • I've been to Ring o Roses at Butler's Wharf and really liked the service, though I've not bought from them yet (I was going to be getting married this year, but now our date's in 2008).

    One of my favourite dresses there was the AJ "maxine" which was about £1000 or so + any alterations (which the saleswoman said would probably be £50-£100 to sew in bra cups and make the bodice fit perfectly)
  • I went to Scarlett Poppy and the girls in there were brilliant, one of the best shops I went to. I tried on some Augusta Jones dresses (lovely) and think they were between £1300-£1800ish
  • Hi Xmas bride

    A friend of mine recommended Scarlett Poppy to me as she LOVED it. She tried a few shops and had quite a big budget and said that they had the best selection for her and the girls were lovely. She really did talk about it loads!

    I didn't go in the end because I found my dress before I got chance! Where are you based? As one of the other brides mentioned it's a bit out of town - in Pudsey so you'd need to drive I reckon (I used to live in Pudsey and the buses are dire!).

    Hope this helps.

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    My best friend brought her dress from Ring O Roses in Mitcham about 18mths ago, and they were fab. I went to the same place a few weeks ago and im sorry to say I wasn't impressed! The lady my friend had, had left and I had a young foreign girl that I couldn't really understand. And like SB she was very agreeing and didn't make any suggestions at all for other dresses. Also the shop was a mess and they said they were going to be more of a supplier than a shop from now on.
  • My Augusta Jones dress cost £1025 but in Belfast so thats not going to be much help,

  • Hi,

    I recently bought Augusta Jones Anushka from House of Fraser on Oxford Street. Funnily enough I fell in love with it in Scarlett Poppy, as I used to live in Leeds and my sister got her dress made there. When I tried it on in SP the staff were so helpful and really lovely - the service was much better than at HoF. In the end as I live in London, I bought it in London, as I didn't fancy trekking to Leeds for fittings, but if you haven't already got it I would buy it from SP. Plus it'll be cheaper - Anushka was 295 cheaper in SP and the fittings were cheaper there too (and the service was about 20 times better!)
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    i was in Scarlett Poppy in Pudsey last week and the staff are lovely, price wise £1500ish for Augusta Jones. If you do live close i've just ordered my dress from Farsley Bridal-no big designer names, i went a couple of weeks ago and thought i'd found "the dress" went back this weekend to try on again but didn't like it, staff there were lovely, brought me a dress i hadn't seen and i fell for it straight away, ordered it this weekend and i can't wait for it to turn up (16 weeks feels like a lifetime) really vintage - lots of lace and bigger than i thought i would go for but love it, i can't say enough about the staff their either, they let us open a bottle of bubbly and we were there for over 2 hours!!

    i've tried most shops in the area and the 2 friendlist were Farsley Bridal and Scarlett Poppy -- hope this helps xx
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