advice needed!!

Hi everybody,

I've just bought a pale pink wedding dress. I am looking at a brown dress for my bridesmaid. The theme was going to be pink and brown but I was wondering what colour my husband to be should wear?? Do you think a black suit would look ok if we are having a pink and brown theme??

Thank you


  • EllyukEllyuk Posts: 293

    If you have the latest yyw mag one of the real weddings has brown bridesmaid dresses (it's the one in the Channel Islands). Bride is in gold/beige and bridesmaids in brown. It looks like the groom is in a black suit.

    It looks great!

    Good luck, X
  • Thanks Elly.

    I'm off to buy yyw now. x
  • hi ya,

    how about a brown suit with pink pinstripes? i love my h2b in brown.

    mite b a bit too much?!?!?!
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