A 'suit' for the groom

Ok so my h2b and I have not set the date for our wedding yet but we are already starting to think about what we are going to wear (I have already got a friend who has agreed to make my dress for me - a beautiful lilac creation based on galadriel from lotr!) but we are really stuck as to what my h2b will be wearing!

He says he isn't really comfortable in suits with ties etc but I don't mind if he just has a smart pair of trousers and a smart open collared shirt but am unsure as to how this would look to our guests who would expect something a bit more formal, or how it would look against mine and the bridesmaid'd dresses.

An idea which we have laughed about (although I rather like) is that he hires one of the old fashioned military costumes that he has worn in various ameture opera shows and wears that as I think he looks really sexy in them, but am not sure if this would be ok due to him having no millitary/army connections.

This is not an urgent matter yet, but any ideas and advice would be appreciated as we are starting to scrapbook our ideas so that we can start formally planning things with minimum stress as soon as I finish uni next year.

Thanks x
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