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silly question where do i keep my dress after final payment!

this is probably s atupid quiestion but im off to pay ly final payment on my dress tomorrow! whats happens then?do i take it home or what??if yes it will be stored safely at my mums house.Idont think im havign mine altered at the shop i bought it so what do i do with it??


  • amyangelicamyangelic Posts: 314
    If you're not having it altered at the shop they should bag it up for you so you can take it to your Mum's. Make sure you check it all over for any small defects they may have to correct for you!

    Even though mine is getting altered at the shop I bought it from I took it home after paying for it as a couple of companies we were dealing with went bust and I needed to be able to see and look after the dress I'd paid for if that made sense!!!

  • great i think i would like it at my mums then i could keep my eye on it lol! i just cant wait to see it again,i just hope it will fit next august! im sure the seamstress will make it perfect tho!

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