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Alexia Designs - swatch help!

I have ordered my Alexia designed bridesmaid dresses and requested a swatch on purchase back in January. I was quite relaxed about when it would arrive, but am now wanting it badly to colour match our invitation ribbon to. I phoned the shop last week and was told "oh I can see someone has ordered it, but we haven't had it in, I will chase it up for you". Phoned again today and was told exactly the same thing. The dresses are now expected in June, not May as I was initially told. Which would be pushing it to get a match then!

I need the swatch!

Does anyone know where the designs are made so I can go directly to the horse!!!

Or did anyone have the same colour from them "peacock Blue" and could help me out?

Or does anyone else have any other ideas so I can get a swatch!

I know my H2B is going to start stressing about it soon!

Thanks in advance

Sarah x


  • waggiewoowaggiewoo Posts: 111
    ah Ok, so I have found the phone number of the uk supplier, who will only deal with the shop itself.....but has just assured me that the once a month swatch they send out this week did contain peacock blue and was sent to my shop.

    I think a visit to the shop is in order!
  • waggiewoowaggiewoo Posts: 111
    interstingly enough, my actual dresses came through on Friday and the swatch miraculously turned up on Saturday! I think it paid to phone the suppliers direct!
  • leemaxleemax Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I wonder if you can tell me where you got your dresses from! I have fallen in love with an Alexia design but seem unable to find anywhere that stocks them in my area (Bristol), who actually has samples in stock! They seem to be able to order them but I am not happy to without seeing them first!

  • waggiewoowaggiewoo Posts: 111
    I got mine from a supplier in camberley surrey. Its a regular bridal shop.

    I suggest phoning the uk alexia supplier direct and asking them which shops near you stock their designs.

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