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I'm getting married 8th May 2010 and thought it was time to start looking for Wedding dresses so went to a shop close to my house,

When i walked in the women asked what type of dress i wanted and i told her i liked dresses quite Meringue type and with a long train, she asked what size i am and i told her a size 18 (Her shop stated they went up to a size 36) She Then told me that no one makes wedding dresses with a meringue bottom over a size 16 and said "you will have to have something like this" and handed me a horrid plain dress that wasn't to my taste, i walked out of the shop devastated,

However when i went to another shop the women there where lovely and found me the dress of my dreams in my size,

I'm just having a whinge really because if i had believed that no one made them i could have bought a dress i hated thinking it was my only option.

has anyone else had an experience like this?

Thanks Becky x


  • Oh loopy im so sorry for you! What horrible people!!

    Well up therese!! They lost out on the money!! ha!! and you will look beautiful in your perfect dress!!xxx
  • MrsT2703MrsT2703 Posts: 1,805
    Hi Becky, What a load or rubbish i would have told that woman to Kiss my arse! rude cow! lol. I havn't experience anything like that yet but for some reason it expect it every time i go to a bridal shop :\( , hopefully it doesnt happen though.

    Glad you fouund your perfect dress though! any pics :\) xxx
  • lozza83lozza83 Posts: 3,777
    What a bloody cheek!!! I'm glad you went on to find a beautiful dress and like here comes the bride said... it's their loss.

    I hate stories like this, but unfortunately you hear it all the time. You should name and shame them!

    Any pics? or what is the name of your dress hon? I'd love to know what you went for in the end xxx
  • mrsg2b_2010mrsg2b_2010 Posts: 1,259
    How rude!!!! I would have told her where to stick it!!! Do they think big women cant wear fairytale dresses?? Stuck up cow!!!!!

    I have a meringue too, im a 16...but ordered a 14 to get my arse in gear and get into it lmao!!!!
  • lolaroseuklolaroseuk Posts: 48
    peopl are really rude aren't they. She owns a shop for crying out loud! does she not want any business?

    Whatever your shape and size, there is a wedding dress and a wedding style to suit you.

    This website has advice for how to deal with being a bigger bride and links to some great shops.
  • vghibbertvghibbert Posts: 197
    God yes... you expect wedding dress shopping to be wonderful, fun filled, in reality most quite a few of the shops are really unhelpful and really quite rude. Dont take it to heart, I went to a store that only had samples in size 8, she looked at me in disgust when I walked through the door and Im only a size 12/14... come on bridal stores reality check the average modern day woman is a size 16 now!!!!! Glad you found your perfect dress - got any pics?
  • MrsHD2BMrsHD2B Posts: 33
    Stupid woman. What she meant was I don't have anything in my store to show you, so she lied.

    You're much better off taking your business elsewhere, well done!
  • poppygirlxxpoppygirlxx Posts: 514
    I am a size 22 and I have a proper huge big princess dress. Sorry you had to go through that hun! Luckily I did my research before I went shopping and went to a shop that only catered for larger girls. All their dresses were stunning and I got the full experience of finding "the one". Soo glad you went elsewhere! x x x
  • loopybex123loopybex123 Posts: 493
    Thank you all so much for agreeing with me and your kind words,

    What annoyed me the most was it was meant to be a shop that went up to a size 36, So i thought an 18 would be easy for her!

    I'm sorry no pics yet but it does arrive in October so not long to wait now image

    And it is a very beautiful princess dress called "josephine" from a shop called celebrations although i can not find a picture! And the women there where so lovely and it was a massive room where you tried on as many dresses as you wanted and she was so kind, not one rude or funny look, i was so pleased image

    Thanks Becky x
  • viccipviccip Posts: 2,161
    Im actually in shock that someone could be so rude! Im sorry you had to go through that but glad you got your dress in the end!!!

  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    That's horrendous! This shop is near where I live and starts at size 18, and they have really stunning dresses in there. They are moving to a new location just down the road soon - but no good if they're nowhere near you anyway! xxx

    oops - just re-read and saw that you have your dress already! Well done! xx

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  • sarah_lou18sarah_lou18 Posts: 318
    I agree with the other girls, tell the cheeky sod to stick her dresses up her whatsit!! You should do a Pretty Woman moment, and walk in and show her how much she could have earned if only she'd "waited" on you! ha ha
  • RitePetiteRitePetite Posts: 61
    This nakes me SO cross. The same thing happenend to a close friend of mine i took a trip to the shop and told the woman exactly what i thought of her! Why be in a business that is supposed to be one of your most perfect days if you are going to be miserable and rude?!? Seriously name and shame them to stop other brides having the same depressing experience!

    I am sure you will look stunning in your gown...looking forward to the pics! x
  • MrsPBMrsPB Posts: 242
    I think this calls for a 'Pretty Woman' moment. Once You have your dress you need to go back to the first shop and remind them of the money they lost out on by being SOOOO damn rude!!!

    How did she think she was! SOrry you first experience was horrible, glad you have your perfect dressnow and hope you have a fab day (which Im sure you will).

    Have fun
  • loopybex123loopybex123 Posts: 493
    Thank you all again the shop was the cake station (i think or next door to it) Heckmondwike, west yorks, altough i have to say i had a chineese woman who was horrid but when my little sister had gone for her prom dress a few months before she had a blonde lass who was lovely! Although she is a size 10 lol! Anyway on a diet now so ill get skinny and walk in and have my pritty woman moment!!! image X
  • clair_wallclair_wall Posts: 282
    That's shocking. The same thing happened to me in one shop near my parents. they said 'we dont have many samples that will fit you - are you planning on losing weight?'! I'm a size 14! OK so yes I'm not slim but do these people want our business?!

    I'm so pleased you've found a dress that makes you feel stunning : )
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    what a woman eh, anyhow so glad you found a shop where the assistant was brill and the most impotant thing is you have the dress of yor dress, and no matter what size you are you can wear what you want
  • emimacmooemimacmoo Posts: 33
    Hi girls,

    Sorry to hijack...just wanted to say I tried on dresses at Celebrations in Ossett too, and they are absolutely amazing, was gutted because I found the one elsewhere and the don't stock that designer (Maggie). Would have loved to have got my dress from them, just because they were so friendly!!

    They were so accomodating and so reasonable as well!!

    Anyone in Yorkshire area should definately visit them!!
  • CrystaltippsCrystaltipps Posts: 567
    Whatever happened to customer service! Sorry to hear about your horrible experience loopybex123.

    Ive heard some horrible comments on her about bridal shops, its really bad how dare they!!!

    oooh it makes me cross!!!
  • Lil_Miss_HandsLil_Miss_Hands Posts: 1,194
    Just wanted to say Im so sorry for your experience and yes, you should give that sales woman a piece of your mind. How rude. I dont think it matters what style you want to go for at all. Every style and shape is catered for with ALOT of brands. My dress is Alfred Angelo 1136 and that company goes up to 30+ and theyre a range thats everywhere, so thats crap that they dont 'do' that style in every size. Congratulations in picking your dress, you'll look amazing!
  • merrymunkymerrymunky Posts: 98
    Oh wow. I am so sorry you had that kind of treatment.

    I am a dress size 26 on bottom and anywhere from a 20-26/28 on top. I was terrified at the prospect of dress shopping and even emailed bridal shops to see what kind of plus size range they had in stock. I went with Pascali in Poole. They were fantastic. They let me hide in the changing rooms until I was confident enough to come out onto the shop floor wearing a dress. They were SO helpful and I now have a beautiful dress that I will be wearing in less than four weeks time!

    I'm pleased that a different shop were much more helpful to you and found you your dream dress!!!

  • loopybex123loopybex123 Posts: 493
    Emamacmoo ye celebration is where i ended up getting my dress called 'Josaphine' and i love it and they never made me feel bigger than anyone else and didnt shove me in size 12 dresses to find one i liked I highly recomend them!!!

    As for the cake station i wouldnt bother if your over a size 16!
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