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anyone create a bespoke veil?

The veils i've seen have been too long for me, i have a style in mind to go with my hair but was wondering if any of you bought veils that were shorter than the average elbow length?


  • I've not bought mine yet but I'm going to design my own on you can choose whatever length, trim, colour and details you want at a very reasonable price. Theres a great guide to what length to buy on the website too!
  • Dont know why the website address jumped out on to a new line there!!

  • Thank you!
  • lindaatno9lindaatno9 Posts: 924
    They are sooooo easy to make yourself!!!!

    Tulle comes in 3m wide @ around £3.50 m. You'd want a meter.
  • My textiles skills are rubbish! LOL
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