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The Beautiful Company for wedding rings?

hey girls,

I have recently started looking around for wedding rings and came accross this website. But £468 for a platinum ring with diamonds? Seems too good to be true! Anyone bought their rings from here?


  • radiantgalradiantgal Posts: 288
    Hi there,

    We got our rings from the Beautiful Company a few months ago and are really pleased with them- the are great quality and the price was the cheapest we could find.

    However, I read lots of glowing reviews and although everything was fine in the end, we did have to keep chasing them. The rings didn't arrive on time and we were never contacted or updated and had to keep emailing and calling them to find out what was happening. Not a huge problem but not great customer service, and not very reassuring when purchasing online. I think we were told two weeks for delivery and it ended up being much more than that (maybe eight weeks). My poor H2B was calling twice a week to find out where they had got to as the delivery date/s they gave us kept coming and going with no rings!

    As I say, not a huge problem and I know other brides have been amazed with their quickly delivery times, so I guess we were just unlucky!
  • wow that is good. i have just checked and we could get our rings for £300 under our budget, but is it too good to be true?
  • RosiefazRosiefaz Posts: 310
    Radiantgal thats a real shame about the crap customer service, but I think I would take that for the discount prices, as long as I knew that i would end up with good stuff at the end of it all.
  • Jane2203Jane2203 Posts: 675

    I got my ring from there and I've got nothing but praise for them. I emailsed them a few times before I ordered and they were really friendly and helpful. After sales customer service was great too.

    And they were obviously loads cheaper than anywhere else!

    Jane xx
  • We got our rings from there, i can't recommend them enough! x
  • I got my wedding ring from them and although the initial ring came quick it was the wrong one, which I had to send back, then the new one came and was the wrong size so third time lucky, i dont get married till december so wasnt too worried. The price was amazing though and the ring is now perfect.
  • Quoted:
    hey girls,

    I have recently started looking around for wedding rings and came accross this website. But £468 for a platinum ring with diamonds? Seems too good to be true! Anyone bought their rings from here?

    Wow - does sound too good to be true but if other people have bought from them then I guess it's worth taking a chance. Just allow plenty of time b4 your wedding
  • Bel43Bel43 Posts: 161
    We bought our platinum rings from there and they're lovely. Great quality and even greater price. They were half the price of identical ones in Ernest Jones that we tried on!
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    They're so cheap because a) they're internet based and therefore don't have any running costs/overheads like a shop would and b) the standard diamonds aren't certified (though you can pay more to have them certified). The quality of the diamonds is slightly less than you'd find on the high street, but I doubt anyone would notice! I've gone for a similar online retailer for my wedding ring (half eternity ring) and it was half the price of the same ring on the high street (though the diamond is not certified). It's well worth it if you need to stick to a tight budget for your rings image x
  • We bought our rings from them and they were great. Arrived very quickly and had no problem exchanging as we ordered too big a size for my H2B (our fault).

    I did quite a lot of research , looking at the weights v widths v cost etc, and these were by far the best value for money.
  • MondieukMondieuk Posts: 242
    We got my H2B's ring from them and they were great, they sent a ring sizer in the post to double check that we had ordered the right size and they kept us up to date with the staus of the order. It was half the price of any other identical rings on the high street or Smooch. We got mine from the Jewllery Quarter in Birmingham and did noticed that H2B's ring was the same price there as Beautiful Co.

    So if you want to take your ring away straight away I would try Birmingham; if not then I highly recommend the Beautiful Company

  • Hi. I have my wedding coming up early next year. I just wanted to know why The Beautiful Companies prices are so low ?? I mean I'm looking for a men's platinum plain wedding band. What is the difference in the quality of metal that this company uses compared to others ??

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