Dresses with straps, any pics of you in yours? (updated)

Come on ladies, everyone cannot be having strapless dresses. Please show mr pics

of you in yours. I'm having a bit of a dilema. I have big boobs (36DD) and just

don't feel safe in the strapless numbers, it doesn't help that the samples I have

tried on have never fit properly. Cannot post mine as do not trust that H2B is not

reading this post. He is the one who found this website for me, whilst looking for

the elusive CL blue soles shoes for me (bless him, I love that man!!). Help!

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I have also made a decision on mine and as H2B has promised to stay away

from this forum, I am leading the charge image

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  • BearCubukBearCubuk Posts: 1,145
    My dress is really unusual but it's great for boobage:

  • mine is a benjamin roberts tia 5011 and you can wear it with or without the straps , and i must add the straps are gorgeous , however i have big boobies like you and i have no worries about falling out of it as it has an internal corset which does wonders for the figure as well as holding everything in place . I am not going to wear a bra thats how much faith I have in it .
  • cpluspluscplusplus Posts: 1,448

    mine image

    though I've had the train chopped to just a sweep
  • amzyukamzyuk Posts: 123
    Heres me in mine, i had the same problem 36E Boobs with skinny shoulders just dosent look good strapless so went for this and i love it:

  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    Thanks for the tips guys, glad to see I'm not alone. Amzy, you look fantastic, my goodness!
  • MrsT2703MrsT2703 Posts: 1,805
    hello! this is mine with straps this is only the sample though and doesnt ft, i'm paying the deposit in a few days woooo!.

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  • Here's mine - a little bit big around the chest as it's the sample size but you get the idea!!

  • MrsZogMrsZog Posts: 1,241
    This was mine (me with my dad just before the ceremony):

    Edited as picture was tiny

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  • mico62mico62 Posts: 241
    Here's mine, 32E and fits like a glove without a bra!!!

    Now imagewith working link to picture woohoo!


    Question - it needs shortening but I don't know whether or not to keep the train - eloping to Italy and worried it might be too much. H2b won't mind either way cos the boobs look fantastic!!

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  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    Oh ladies, these pics are fab you all look wondeful. My faith in a strapped dress is restored ;-x
  • love all of your dresses, they are very flattering abnd a nice change to strapeless dresses. Here is me in mine, one on our wedding day in Greece and the other getting ready for our party at home

  • Me:

    I'm actually very small busted as you can probably see, but I just hate strapless things! Mine's lowish at the back so will prob buy one of those stick on bras which doesn't have a back x

  • This is me in mine, it's a pronovias Oleaje. Pronovias seem to have quite a few dresses with straps, I always think I look like I'm spilling over strapless dresses but I felt secure in this one all day!
  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    Mico62 - Got to keep the train! When are you ever going to wear one again, its lovely.

    Notbridezilla- there is no picci?

    Mrs Miller! Fab, fab, fab, I will say that my dress to be is also from Pronovias! They are lovely x
  • weesy73weesy73 Posts: 177
    Loving all these dresses! I went for my first fitting today and have now got a halterneck dress rather than strapless! Really chuffed cause I never wanted a strapless but when I went searching so many of them were strapless it seemed I would have to have one.

    Gorgous dresses ladies! x
  • I had a halter strap put on mine because I was so bored of looking at strapless ones. I'm quite short and the straps lengthened the whole look and really improved the dress. Don't be afraid to ask if straps can be added if you find a dress that you like apart from its lack of straps; wedding dress shops are very artful and can make it look like the straps were part of the original design and not just an add-on.
  • Sorry, don't know why that pic didn't work before, try again...

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  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    More beautiful dresses with straps, thank you ladies x
  • Hi VERY interested in having a dress with straps, so loving this thread. Here's one I tried on and its a favourite so far.....


    Its style 4001 but can't seem to paste a pic coz its flash player.

  • Does mine count? It's off the shoulder... x

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  • Amzy yours is beautiful! (so are the others too ladies!) where is it from?xxx
  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    Amzy yours is beautiful! (so are the others too ladies!) where is it from?xxx

    Hey there, its a Pronovias Diamante. I feel like I am the queen of the strapped dress - especially Pronovias!!!
  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    (bump) More pleeeeeeease!
  • leokatyleokaty Posts: 526
    Any excuse. me in mine Ian Stuart Premiere. Its a little big and needs altering yet.

  • I love all your dresses girls, I am a big fan of straps.

    I don't have any pics of me in it yet but this is my dress with straps


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  • Gorgeous dresses girls - There aren't any pics online of mine and the last pics I tookat the fitting didn't do the dress (orme for that matter)any justice! Having final fitting on Saturday so might take some then! Otherwise you'll have to wait 39 days for my big day! xx
  • Amzy! thats my dress too! Pronovias Diamante! i just love it! wooooo! cant wait to get it! you look stunning!
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