Londoners - where did you get your dress from???

Hi there, I'm starting on the daunting task of dress hunting! Should be fun i know but feel a bit anxious that there's so much choice out there and I don't want to spend a lot of money on it.

Can you please tell me where you got your dresses from? What was their selection like?



  • I have ordered mine from Losners in Stamford Hill and they've been great so far. They have a good selection of dresses and lots of changing rooms and assistants so you don't have to wait for weeks for a Saturday appointment. Some shops I rang couldn't see me for 6 weeks so I didn't even bother with them! I also went to Mirror Mirror in Islington who were good (they also have a branch in Crouch End) and Morgan Davies in Islington who to be honest didn't have many dresses. Good luck with the search, and enjoy! x
  • i headed for oxford street which i thought would be a waste of time.....the bridal room at house of fraser,walked in to browse as i didnt think they would have samples in my size. at first they were a bit stand offish then i was helped by the sweetest assistant called sanny. she held the dress against me & i went away for a few hours to look at others.i went back & bless her she managed to get me into a much smaller dress to ensure i liked it on.i ordered & paid that day as time is of the essence! they wanted 9 months & they are doing it in 7.if u look at my other topics u can see i have had wobbles,but certainly not on this store.her service (& the fittings lady) was great.just go in the week,i heard saturdays are heaving & lets face it u want to feel special.highly recommend it!
  • Hiya not quite London but i got my dress from Losners in St Albans, EXCELLENT shop, friendly staff, they even knocked £300 off my dress and priced matched inc free Alts xxx
  • it depends upon your budget but I found that the ladies at the vintage wedding dress company and at phillipa lepley went above and beyond image
  • I ordered mine from London Bride Couture in Pimlico, They mainly stock Ian Stuart, plus a few other designers. The staff are lovely and super helpful.
  • try anywhere .....i am trying harrods even though people think straight away that it will be more expensive they arent! the best thing is to do, is look on the web for teh designers you like e.g. maggie sottero and they will give you the places they sell them!! good luck, (hope this makes sense) x
  • I got my dress from The Bride in St Albans - really good service. Also found The Dress in Teddington very good and one of the shops in Windsor but forgotten the name! Think it depends what designer your looking for really. I fell in love with Suzzanne Neville dresses, so then looked for shops that had her designs. Make sure you go to a few, a couple I went to were awful. Enjoy it - I miss dress shopping!!
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