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Hello all,

Is anyone else having their partner take them engagement ring shopping??

Well mine is and it is very difficult as their are sooo many amazing rings out there! How do I select my fav?

I always thought an emerald cut diamond solitaire and they are soooo beautiful to look at, but the ones i llike are uber expensive...then I went into Tiffanys...and I saw the legacy Blue sapphire (i already have a tiffany blue sapphire eternity ring that i cant live without) and fell in love! it is a dark blue sapphire, set in mini pave diamonds.

Question is, what do people think of paying alot of money for a sapphire and not the traditional diamond??

Is it worth it?

Has anyone got a different colour stone engagement ring and do you love the fact its original or do you wish you had opted for a classic diamond???

Thanks guys xxxxxxxxxximage


  • Hey Cally,

    We had to get our ring made as we had very clear ideas of what we wanted.

    My H2B's surname is Garnett so we got a platinum ring with a princess cut diamond in the middle and 2 princess cut tsavorite garnets (the green ones) either side. It's supposed to represent my me (the diamond) and my H2B and future children (the garnets).

    I love having a "different" ring and it has had so many comments - I was surprised how many people seem to really like it as I expected people to think I was a bit weird going for something out of the ordinary. Obviously its particularly special to me because of the story behind it too.

    I would suggest looking somewhere other than Tiffany though - I know its uber romantic and everything but you definitely pay a big markup for being able to say its from Tiffany.

    L x
  • robsiarobsia Posts: 456
    I always liked rubies and didn't really want a diamond solitaire so we went with my beautiful ruby cluster.

    Go with what you want - if you've fallen in love with it, then it's meant to be.
  • saphuksaphuk Posts: 1,090
    I agree that an engagement ring doesn't have to be a diamond ring, but a ring you love. My ring is similar to my avatar with two small diamonds either side. My name is Sapphire so it was an obvious choice!

    Leanna, your ring sounds beautiful.
  • i think a saphire would be gorgeous
  • hayleedukhayleeduk Posts: 236
    One of my friends got a green emerald ring. She loves it. Its always been her favourite colour and it looks great on her. Its such a personal choice. I got a princess cut diamond with little diamonds surrounding it, but that just suits me. I'm also a bit crazy when it comes to having all colours in my outfits match my accessories, so it was an obvious choice for me. But as long as u love the ring then I say go for it!
  • I say go for it. I know which Tiffany ring you mean and it is aaaaaaaammmmmmmmmaaaaazing!

    My story: h2b asked me months and months before we got engaged what kind of ring I would like IF he were to propose. My requirements were: sapphire and diamond, only emerald and/or princess cut, platinum. I kept thinking maybe I should ge for a solitaire diamond but I really didn't want the same ring as everyone else and a solitaire wasn't really 'ME' so I decided in the end that I definitely wanted a sapphire (my birth stone). My h2b designed my ring himself and chose the most beautiful clear blue sapphire I have ever seen.

    It looks similar to this but the diamonds are princess cut rather than the wonky cut in the photos.

    I love love love my ring and I have been stopped in the street, in shops and even in hospital by people who want to admire my ring.

    If you love sapphires and you have your heart set on something different then I say go for it.
  • Hey my engagement ring is a saphire surronunded by diamonds in a flower shape ( imagine a circle with 2 we leaves either side!). It's gorgous (and i accidently found out v expensive!). I didn't want a plain diamond as I feel everyone has one nowadays, my ring is different and even more special as H2b chose it himself. He said he saw it and knew straight away it was me lol!
  • I would defo give tiffanys a miss megga££ try going for aaa celon saphire it is amazing.
  • Go with the one that feels and looks right .

    I love my 1 ct white gold ring (yes a popular choice) but every morning I look at it and smile (I have had it 10 months) , so go with the one that will make you smile every morning.

    The Tiffany one looks gorgeous by the way x
  • I have a saphire engagement ring! it is beautiful. i picked it long before we got engaged but h2b remembered from all that time ago.

    Its a vintage style big big big saphire with a square of diamonds around it and diamonds set on the ring itself too.

    go for saphire. theyr beautiful x
  • I have a saphire and diamond ring too and I love it.

    You should have whatever ring makes you happy.

  • I have an emeraled cut sapphire with a brilliant cut diamond either side it stands out more and gets comments while im working the till at work lol. h2b has sapphires in wedding band. also I believe sapphires mean loyalty whats more fitting x
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    Everyone, thank you SOOOOOO much for your replies.

    I think the sapphire is definitely the way to go.

    If any of you could post your pics it would be very appreciated! I LOVE the Tiffanys ring, it is THE ONE, but not sure the h2b can afford it so would love to see other people????s alternatives!

    Thanks all sooooo much xxxxxxx
  • Again, thank you all! As u can see from my new prof picture I have the sapphire and I couldnt be happier!image
  • congrats its gorgoeus x
  • Amazing!!!

    My ring is being made at the minute - can't wait until it's ready!

    You made the right choice chick - that ring is stunning.

  • Thanks everyoneimage
  • That ring is gorgeous! I have a sapphire ring and i love it. I had comments of "you do know thats not a real diamond don't you"... from this up her own arse jewellers who resized my ring but i couldn't care less. Its beautiful and perfect!
  • Nell79Nell79 Posts: 119
    That ring is lovely. I have a large rectangle sapphire with two small traingle diamonds either side, set in platinum, and I love it!
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    I love my sapphire ring mine sounds the same as Dollface's and my H2B picked it. I love the fact its different and defnitely nothing wrong with spending a lot of money on a sapphire, ok they're not as much as diamonds but they are really tough and the colours are just gorgeous.
  • I have an opal with pink sapphires set all around it. I love the fact that it's different. That sapphire ring is lovely.
  • I too didn't want the traditional diamond solitare, I have an emerald cut aquamarine which has 3 tiny diamond accents on each side of the main stone set into the shoulders of the ring, After 7.5 years I still LOVE my engagement ring so I opted for a pain 3 mm wedding band when we got married 9 days ago!
  • What about Blue sapphire engagement Ring..

  • Blue Sapphire diamond ring handcraft with 18 k white gold..Isn't it beautiful?
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,454 New bride

    Blue Sapphire diamond ring handcraft with 18 k white gold..Isn't it beautiful?

    Since the post is a decade old I imagine they will have chosen by now....
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