West Ham Football Club lingerie

My H2B is a huge West Ham fan and I wanted to get some lingerie for our wedding night..

Does anyone know where I can find any?

Katy Perry wore a corset & knickers for Russell Brand at the awards last night and I would love to get something like that..


Thanks for any help!!


  • Holly_DHolly_D Posts: 186
    Have you contacted the club?

    You might want to join a Hammers website and ask on there. Just make sure it's not one your fiance is a member of!!

    My friend is the presenter on Soccer AM; I will ask him whether he can think of any ideas too.

    Otherwise you could buy a West Ham shirt and take it to a dress maker (or bespoke underwear shop) and ask them to make it into something sexy for you.

    That is a really cool idea, though!

  • i just read that and first thought omg thats really tacky BUT when i had a look its really cute i like that idea. i would imagine she had it specifily made for her. i would try and contact a good dress maker and see what they could do. xxxx
  • Did this ever get resolved I’m looking for the same!! 
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