MKM Bridal - Recent Experience Anyone?

Hi there.

I have a vintage 1950's wedding dress and want my BM's in something with a nod to the 50's*.

If anyone has ideas costing less than £120 I'd be keen to hear.

I've discovered MKM and noticed some older threads on here which all seems to be positive but was wondering if anyone had recently dealt with them? What's your feedback ladies?


*Am thinking of BS3505 with maybe a halter neck added.


  • Hi retrokentbride,

    I got my wedding dress from MKM Bridal this week, its fabulous!!!

    Really gorgeous satin, I love it!!! that dress you mention is lovely- they can make adjustments for you for very little extra, I asked for a couple of changes for mine and they're perfect.

    I would say contact them and mention the halter, get your price, they'll send you colour swatch, get your bm's measured-they give the list of measurements too- easy!

    Let me reassure you I was kinda nervous as it was all done over net but I am so pleased with the result, and believe me they are as good as the photo's on their website. I can't wait to wear mine!! I had actually gotten my bm dresses on sale from littlewoods but I am kicking myself now that I got them before I found MKM - especially after getting my own dress from them!!!!

    Good Luck!
  • Thanks FraggleRocks (love the name!). I'm pleased to hear you've had such a great experience and have a fabulous dress Very exciting!!

    I've actually emailed MKM this afternoon and they've been very efficient so far. They tell me they've already posted my swatches. Impressive.
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