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Best way to store your wedding dress before wedding?

Hello girls. I wonder if any of you can give me some advice about how to store my wedding dress. I received it about 6 months ago, as I ordered it really early , and since then its been in the special box in the wardrobe, which the lady in the shop said to keep it in. I dont get married until July, so last weekend me and my mam got it out the box and I tried it on. Of course nearer the wedding I will need to hang it up to let the creases drop out, but it was stored in the plastic bag it came with. When my mam saw his she was suprised, as she doesnt think this is the best way to store it. I realy dont know, so do any of you know the best way to store it? My mam mentioned a special type of tissue paper? I just dont know. I'd hate for anything to happen to it before July!

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!

Thanks ladies! :\?


  • I have heard that if you keep it folded up, you are suppose to store it in acid free tissue paper, I think?

    I have bought a white dress bag from ebay (was only about £6) and has a wide gusset at the bottom to allow all the creases to fall out and the dress to poof out. It was a fab purchase. Its hanging on the back of my bedroom door at the mo though,cos it won't fit in my wardrobe.
  • I have mine in the linen bag that it came in and was told to hang it up if possible. It also came in a plastic bag but was told to take this off once I'd got it home. I'm storing mine til 2011!!

  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    apparently the reason you need to take it out the plastic is so that it doesn't get damp and sweat in the bag. You can put a duvet cover over the top if you've an old one just cut a hole for the coat hanger.
  • Hi, yeh you need special tissue paper.. I bought my wddding dress box from this place and mines great..just make sure you get the right size for your dressimage
  • Bride09Bride09 Posts: 204
    yes its all about the dress getting swetty/dampy..

    im gonna keep it at my friends house until day before the wedding as my house is dampy and im not risking that plus my H2B may see it and get nosy! hehe , anyway i dont get it until april, then will do fitting and all that so will get it about 1month before only so image
  • Oh I forgot to say, my bag I bought is 'breathable'. I has a special fabric with tiny holes in to prevent any mold. It looks amazing hangin up! I keep having a peek inside the bag hehe
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