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Help me find this veil!!!

Hi Everyone!

Can you PLEASE HELP me in finding a veil?

I saw it in a magazine.... I just can't remember where, and I can't find it on the internet! Basically, I can only describe it as a 'gypsy' veil; it is basically a transparent piece of white netting that sits over your forehead and is fastened on by what I can only assume is a hairclip or a forehead tiara

I'm dying to find a picture of it.... does anyone have the faintest idea what I am on about and can you help me find a picture?

Thanks!!! I'm driving myself mad, I know what I'm talking about exists so why am I having such trouble finding a picture?!?image:\?


  • are you looking for a birdcage veil?
  • Did post a reply but it seems to have vanished. I think I know what you mean, is it like a piece of material elegantly draped over your head, like a single layred veil with no gathering on a comb? I can't find anything yet but will keep looking.

  • Do you mean something like this?
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