The WOW factor!

Hi Girls,

Just wondering, do you really get the WOW factor when you try on 'the' dress? Ive heard every-one say it, but after shopping sat I cant imagine it. I did really like one dress but I didnt look at myself and say 'yes thats it, thats the one' I do have lots of time and am planning on doing lots and lots of looking! Just want to know if I should wait til I get that feeling?


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    You might not get the wow feeling but you will know which one will be best for you. You said you have got plenty of time so just make the most of it. After a while one should just start sticking in your mind. Good luck

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    hi im the same as you have loads of time and have been hoping to get that this is the perfect dress must have it now feeling but not had it yet though one dress does stick out more than the rest
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    you have to try and get that WOW factor.

    visit as many different boutiques as poss to try all the designers.

    you'll know 'the one' when it make you cry, or nearly, if you not a bawler.

    try the dresses on with a veil as they can make a huge difference to the way you feel about a dress!

    keep looking and good luck!!

  • I went into a bridal shop on my own. I had no idea what i liked or most importantly what suited me!! The women were lovely. they pulled out 8 different dresses to try on. I started with my least favourate one. As soon as i looked in the mirror i was gobsmacked!! totally got that 'wow' feeling. I didn't think i could look that good. I did think this is the one. However, i carried on trying on more styles. shopped around. I kept going back to that dress and tried it on about 3 more times. I brought my mum and all the other girls along for a final desision (bad idea- too many opinions) but the important people cried and thats what i needed! check the dress out: Dizzie lizzie, Jezabelle.
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    I so agree with Kat76, my dress was the first one I tried on and even though I tried on lots of others, I came back to it and it brought tears to my eyes and my mum's. I am not a bawler usually! You WILL know, it's like men! What I loved about mine so much was its simplicity and the way that it suited my build, I also liked the fact that I didn't look at price tags or designers' labels before I tried any on, so that had no influence on how I felt about it.
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    Hi Deboraht

    Its got to be down to personal choice. I had only tried on a few dresses when I came across one that gave me tingles (funnily enough the woman at the shop chose it for me and I hated it on the hanger). Then I came across another one which had the wow factor. One was very plain and simple, the other very 1950's movie star. I felt like a million dollars in both but when it came down to it I chose the one without the wow factor. WHY? Because the dress was wearing me, not me wearing the dress. The first one which gave me tingles, althougth plain and simple was extremely elegant and really beautiful in its simplicity and most importantly - I felt like ME while I was wearing it!!!! I know now that when I walk down the aisle people (and of course h2b) will see me first then the dress - they will think its me looking like a bride not trying to be somebody else (like a 1950's movie star).

    Take your time and go with gut instinct! Trying on a veil does make all the difference. Do your make-up similarly to how you want it on the day and put your hair up (if thats how you are having it). It all adds to the effect.

    Second, third and fourth opinions can be good but remeber you are the one wearing the dress no-one else - so if you find a dress that makes you feel great and others don't like - believe in your own opinion.

    Hope this helps?

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    I think it just depends...when I got mine (fourth shop I went to) me and my sis both knew instantly that is was 'the one' and I got that 'feeling'. However, there were no tears and I am quite an emotional person!

    My sis got married three months ago and was exactly the same as me when she chose hers... i suppose everybody is different.

    I do think (like somebody else has already mentioned) that you know it's 'the one' when it stands out more than others....I must look at mine 100's of times a day on the internet (just to give you an indication!).

    Choosing your wedding dress is a BIG decision that you should definately take your time with....but somebody did once say to me that choosing your dress is like shopping for perfume....'the more you try, the more you will get a headache and the harder the decision becomes' image

    Good luck with hunt

    Keep us posted

    Love Chatts xxx
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    Thanx for that Loubylou, I did try on a veil and was amazed at how I looked! I had never liked them but think I will def go for one! I didnt wear any make-up as didnt want to get it on the dresses!!! And just pulled my hair into a ponytail, I saw other girls with full hair and make-up, Maybe I should do it! Just wanted to double check I should be expecting that feeling! Thanks all.image
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    I tried on 4 dresses, narrowed it down to 2 which I loved but I didn't feel anything much, I just though they were bot gorgeous. I liked to top on one and the skirt on the other - i'd set my budget at £500 but then the lady in the store sdai, we have got a dress with that top and that skirt, combination of the two but it's £975! I asked to see it anyway but thought no-way am i spending that much!

    As soon as she broght it out I loved it on the hanger! I tried it on and just thought 'this is it' - can't describe how it felt but it's true that you 'just know'. My decision was made when my future mother in law started crying, and a woman who had just walked into the room off the street gasped - I was on the brink of tears myself - I imagined how it would feel to hear everyone gasp like that lady did, and see my fiance cry - I hope he does when he sees me!

    You're only getting married once (hopefully) this is your day, so go for it, whatever the price - just watch for other people's reactions, that might help you decide!

    Good look to all of you hoping to find THE ONE.
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