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Hello girls

I think I have found the dress but just wanted to check with some other JP Brides. The dress is silk chiffon but when I tried it on in the boutique it started to go static around the bottom. The assistants said it was due to the heaters been cranked up and the carpet. My venue has carpet though, eek! But I'm getting married in Sept so hopefully it will be warm and therefore no need to have heating on.

Anybody had a JP dress with carpet and it was ok?

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  • Hey!!

    What JP dress did you go for? I ordered mine's called "Julianne" from the spring 2010 collection! They're amazing aren't they! A light dusting of hairspray round the bottom of your dress will prevent any static...and the heat definitely would have made this worse!

  • Hey Joodlebug

    Thanks for replying, I thought thre were be more JP brides!

    Just looked up Julianne, its stunning. Mine is from the same collection, its called Opulance. In the thumbnail view its actually the one before yours!

    Thanks for the hairspray tip!

    When & where are you getting married? x

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  • Hey!

    Oh your dress is amazing...the 2010 collection has really cool backs on the dresses! Im getting married on an island called Koh Samui in Thailand, April 2011! It still seems ages away, but it's amazing how time flies! We're having a big party when we come back on April 23rd at a place called Elphinstone Hall, it's part of the University of Aberdeen! What about you, when and where is your big day?

    I think I'm going to order one of the Jenny Packham head dresses and bangles...they really set the dress off! My biggest problem is it's a beach wedding!

    I think on previous links there are more JP brides...I haven't seen anybody discussing our dresses yet...a lot of people go for the Elizabeth!


  • Hi!!,

    I'm going to get married in Lucetta. It's to die for image

    I'm getting married in Phuket in November this year, can't wait.

    Joodlebug-I think I'm going bare feet for the ceremony, but I'll get a nice sandals for the party. How's your plannning coming along?

    Opulance is such a good name for her dress!
  • I have considered going barefoot for the ceremony, and wearing nice sparkly heels for the party! Planning is going really well so far...I'm really struggling to decide on bridesmaid dresses...I really watn to find a style that fits in with the Jenny Packham look...but a lot of the bridemaid dresses are quite heavy, and "dated". What sort of BM dre4sses did you go for?

    Have you been to Thailand before?

    We're having a big bbq in the evening, so it will be a really informal of the great things is that the setting is so beautiful you don't need to worry about too much flowers and deocarations!

  • Thanks Joodlebug!

    Your wedding sounds beautiful.

    Im getting married on the 25th of this year in Windsor so need to get cracking on my outfit! Yes I am having a head piece as well, I love them.

    Im quite protective and do not want anyone else to have my dress, ha ha!

    Choc_almond - Just looked at Lucetta - its gorgeous.

    I think barefoot would be perfect and relaxed, am v. jealous of your lovely beach weddings.

    Like you Joodlebug major struggles with BM dresses, I hate most of them!
  • I think my bridesmaids are going to wear Twobirds Bridesmaid dresses, as they are floaty and not too structured. I think I might get one for myself image I'm paying for their dresses so I have to keep my eyes on the budget.

    I've been to Thailand so many times, I love the food and everything else. Just I have to get married there. I was thinking about having a beach BBQ but a part of me want to have Thai family style meal :\?

    Coco-which head piece are you getting? What kind of ceremony are you having?

    Joodle- are you going to be wearing a veil? I don't know if I should, I just justify paying for both veil and a head piece.
  • Hi Choc

    Ooh I will check them out.

    Never been to Thailand, its defo on my must do list though, yum making me hungry.

    I am not sure what the head piece is called, its a Polly Edwards one approx £300. I can't find an image. Liking the gloves in my dress pic too!

    I am having a catholic service. xx
  • Hey ladies!

    Im just having a headpiece...its the Jenny Packham one that Cheryl Cole wore on the X Factor...not having a veil, as the back of my dress is really nice, and want to show it off!! I will check out tWobirds birdesamid dresses...I think I fancy having them in platinum colour...thought that would look really nice with brightly coloured boquets!

    Yeah, I like the gloves too in your pic!! They really complement the style!! xxx

  • I don't mean to be rude but how did you guys afford the Jenny Packham dresses? I have fallen for Lisette from the new 2010 collection, but it would equal about a fifth of our total wedding budget and I just don't think I could justify it to my fiance! Any tips?
  • Hey Annelies

    Is there any area you could cut back on elsewhere? I tried on Lisette its gorgeous. Would you be against getting a preloved one or selling your after?

    Im very fortunate that my mother is buying mine but I nearly gave her a heart attack when I tried on Allegra which we both loved but its 4k!

    Joodlebug - I know the headpiece, its amazing. Where are you buying it from can I ask?
  • Hey,

    4K is A LOT of money! There's no way that I'll spend that much on a dress. You're right Annelies, my wedding dress is about 1/5 of the budget...didn't really think of it like that before. We are getting married abroad our money actually go a long way. It means that we can spend more on other things.

    I'd thought about the price of the dress long and hard but it's never going to be a day where it'll be cheap. I've tried on cheaper dresses but it didn't feel know...

  • I agree even if I was loaded 4k is too much for 1 dress on 1 day but I think most of her dresses are under 2.5k. xx
  • Hey my fellow JP brides!!

    I paid £1850 for my dress...Im buying it myself been saving really hard! The headpiece is from the bridal shop I got my dress, "Perfect" in Aberdeen, they stock all ranges of the JP jewellery and headpiece! I think they'll give me a discount on my headpiece and bracelet!

    Choc Im a Thailand bride, Im saving money on favours, seating plan, flower decorations. Im going to make my own name cards, flowers will be minimal as they decorate the beach with lots of candles which will look lovely on the beach in the evening! Have a flower arch that is provded in the wedding package. For favours Im getting everybody a Thai lottery ticket, and the ladies a paper fan (will buy from a local Thai market) to cool themselves down! My sister is making up a treasure hunt for the kids, to keep them entertained, and they'll get sweets and puzzle books as prizes! xxxx
  • Joodlebug - your wedding sounds gorgeous. I think candles are much nicer then flowers anyway. x
  • Hi Joodlebug. I am newly engaged and *unfortunately* have fallen in love with the Jenny Packman Julianne dress. It is absolutely gorgeous but a bit above my price range for a dress. I'm sure you looked spectacular on your wedding day! I was wondering if you were considering selling your dress? If you are please shoot me an email: [email protected]

    Congrats to all you on your weddings!!


  • laurenialaurenia Posts: 6

    Hello image

    I have fallen in love with 'Anya' by Jenny Packham, but I don't know how much it is because I can't find a JP stockist that carries it nearby where I live. Tempted to arrange a trip to London.

  • I know Laurenia- I love how exclusive her designs are (because they are so special and every other bride will not be wearing them!) but it also makes them difficult to find! Best of luck!

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