Wedding Dress alterations...near Durham

Hi Ladies,

I have bought my dress from Berketex in Liverpool (where im from!) but I live in Durham. I am going to need some alterations doing, but aside from it costing 185 at berketex for alterations, i cant be travelling back and forth from liverpool every time.

Does anybody know of any seamstresses or anywhere they do alterations and how much is average for alterations, is it really as high at 185??

Thanks xx


  • hi, im not sure as yet, my dress doesn't come in for a while, but the lady in the shop told me i'd need the bust altering and maybe the length? im a little premature but im a thinker!!

    thanks x
  • I'm in w yorkshire but it really depends on the job and the dressmakers fee. £185 seems high but as I said, depends on dressmakers fee.

    try here has a list of dressmakers too.
  • sorry to seem like an idiot...whats the dressmakers fee? x
  • I re-read that, what i meant is, is this if i have my dress made or would this be on top of alterations? x
  • If you have your dress made then made to measure there shouldn't be alteration fees.

    However, if you've bought your dress from Berketex for £185 and you need hem and side adjustments then the fee will be in addition.

    For example these are my fees.

    Take in bust darts £20

    Take in/let out side seams £30

    Shorten hem (gown with train) £30

    Shorten hem with overlay £40

    Lift skirt from waist £45

    Take in back and replace zip £30

    Change zip closure to lace-up back £45

    The alteration fees can be in addition to the purchase price of the wedding own. ie the dressmakers fee.
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  • lindaatno9- where are you based? I would be interested in getting in touch to see about alterations? Obviously i have a fair while but i like to plan ahead! my email is [email protected] if you wanted to get in touch. thanks!
  • nice post , thank you for sharing the post, well done.

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