vertically challenged bride to be

i have not made an appointment yet to view wedding dresses, however i think i should be quick. i keep having these visions of me being drowned in a sea of taffeta and ribbons and 6inch platform shoes.

i am only 4ft 10 and 3/4 inches ( the 3/4 is important).

i mentally chop off 2 ft from the model in the pic then the dress doesnt look right.

i know that everything will be fine when i start trying dresses on , so id better start to do this soon , and put my mind at rest .

thanks for reading a crazy persons ramblings



  • hey don't worry - I am 5'1 (and a half lol) and I thought I would have that problem but it was all fine and the dress was just made for my height! A pair of uber-high shoes and I'm away! You will look fab image
  • KristyukKristyuk Posts: 897

    Have you thought about tea length dresses. or do you want something longer and more traditional? I'm going to get a tea length dress - I'm 5ft3 and feel engulfed in big dresses. If you want full length, perhaps try simple dresses with less detail so they don't overwhelm your frame.

    Good luck!
  • lisa573lisa573 Posts: 63
    Some designers will make up dresses in petite sizes so that they come out properly proprtioned rather than just having chunks hacked off the bottom ! ian stuart is one who does so it's worth asking when you go to try on dresses or even before.
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    I'm 5ft and I tried a dress on at the weekend for the first time. I was a bit worried that a princess style would look daft on me, but it didn't and I was so pleased cos that's the style I really want. So I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Saying that, I'm resigned to looking a bit daft on the day anyway cos my H2B is 6 ft 4!! I keep thinking about how funny we'll look during our first dance!
  • thanks everyone for your kind words i have had my eyes on a justin alexander dress in a fab shade of pink .and im sure you will all look fantastic in your dresses and JM im sure you will feel like your floating during your first dance so your height will be ok

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