My wedding dress has arrived from China!!!

Quick recap - I ordered my custom-made dress from Cinderella's Bridal Shop on at the end of June. They gave me a tracking number so I could see its progress as it was being made. They sent it to me by DHL on Monday, DHL also has a tracking system so I saw that it had been picked up by courier from Heathrow at 8am this morning and it turned up in my office just before 10am!!!

The dress is beautiful. Exactly as shown in the pictures on the website, the beading and embroidery work are all good. It is made with heavy ivory satin which feels as good quality as the ones I have tried on in shops in London. I also ordered a crinoline slip to go underneath and that looks well-made too. I will wait until I get home to try it on as I think my bedroom floor is a bit cleaner than the toilet floors in the office!

Really happy image Showed it to some work colleagues and they were all impressed with the detailing and quality too.


  • So glad Peony, the dresses on Cinderellas all look nice and yours was lovely, let us know how it is when you try it on!

    Julie x
  • PeonyukPeonyuk Posts: 25
    Thanks Julie! Will report back after I have tried it on and may try to take photos. Does anyone know how I post photos on the forum?

  • kht1468kht1468 Posts: 1,079
    OMG - how patient of you not to try it on at work!!! So exciting.. I'm glad it all worked out ok - a bit nerve racking I bet, but worth it from the sound of it.

    You could sign uo for a free web space like my space or pizco and post pics on that then post a link.

    If you google them you should come up with the links.

    Kathy x
  • PeonyukPeonyuk Posts: 25
    Thanks for the tip MrsBruce!

    So I tried my dress on last night (rushed back from work!) and it fits REALLY well, even though I could not do the ribbon corset back myself, I just did the first few loops image. I don't think I need to have any alterations, unless I lose so much weight that it won't fit me even if I pull the corset tight ;\) Here's hoping! image

    A friend is coming round this evening for a nose and will be able to properly lace me into the dress and take photos.


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