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Can anyone make me feel better? I got my dress last week amd its far too big for me. The girl in the shop said she was going to order it in a bigger size, but when I tried it on I need at least 3 inches off the bust and an inch off the waist. I don't get my alterations until 4 and a half weeks before the wedding and its stressing me out the fact that it is far too big just now and will probably be even bigger by the time my fittings come around in August. Is anyone else's dress far too big for them?


  • boogalou78boogalou78 Posts: 277
    Think i am going to have the same problem as you, found my dress at a wedding fayre at the NEC in october, did not have my measurements done at the time as i was planning to loose weight, anyway the dress i tried on at the show was a size 10 which i could just about manage to breath but it looked stunning as it was so fitted.

    Went for my measurements in February having lost weight and was now fitting in size 10 clothes but thay measured me as a size 12. Went back a week later as was not happy after trying on my sisters wedding dress and it fell dowm (size 10). The lady in the shop remeasured me but said i would be putting pressure on myself to maintain the weight loss, so advised me to stick to the size 12.

    So 4 months on i have maintained my weight loss and will continue to do so, so when i collect my dress in june i will have exactly the same problem as you sweetie!

    Do not worry too much i have already resided myself to the fact i will be paying the earth in alterations!!


  • littleclouduklittleclouduk Posts: 169
    Thats really cheeky, why did they order it in a bigger size than you are? are they charging you for the alts?
  • Aileen1976Aileen1976 Posts: 126
    Thanks Emma, thats made me feel a bit better. The girl in the shop told me because of the detail on the dress that if they had to let the dress out, I would lose detail, so I would be better getting it bigger and altering it from there, but it is going to cost me a fortune in alterations! Best start saving!
  • Aileen1976Aileen1976 Posts: 126
    Thats really cheeky, why did they order it in a bigger size than you are? are they charging you for the alts?

    I thought it was quite cheeky too, but the girl said I had to get it taken in from the hips (think she was trying to hint I had a big bum) and up to the bust, I feel a bit disappointed in my dress cause when i tried it on, it felt completely different from when I tried the sample on, the sample fitted me perfectly. The sample was a size 12 and she ordered me a size 16! (I'm normally a 12 in high street shops) I just have to put my faith in the shop and hope they know what they are doing, fingers crossed.

  • Gillian01Gillian01 Posts: 29
    I had a similar experience when I ordered my dress in that the sample was a size 12 but when the woman measured me she said that my measurements matched a 14/16!!

    I insisted on the shop ordering me a 12 because I couldn't understand why the size had to be bigger than what I had tried on and what had fitted perfectly!

    I swear bridal shops convince brides and their BMs to order dresses that are bigger than they should be (based on those stupid measurement charts) in order to make money on all the alterations that are required to get the dresses to fit properly!

    I would have a word with the manager of the shop and tell them how unhappy you are that the dress they have ordered for you is far too big and that you are very concerned about how much it has got to be taken in. See if they will give you a discount on the alteration fees because I think is it really out of order for them to expect you to pay to have a dress altered that was going to be too big for you before it was even made!

    Sorry to rant about this, it annoys me so much that's all - I nearly lost a BM over dress sizing (it was in another post)!

  • Aileen1976Aileen1976 Posts: 126
    It really is rediculous what they do, they also do it the MOB outfits too. I think its a big scam too to amke extra money, you would think they were making enough money from selling you a dress. I have no idea how much the alterations are going to be, but keeping plenty aside anyway! I will mention the the girl who owns the shop when I go for my fittings, but the problem is that they made me sign a contract when I ordered the dress saying that I was happy with the sizes etc, so I've prob not got a leg to stand on.
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    it really isn't a scam (unless you've picked a nightmare shop).

    it's true that it's far harder to alter up than down - in fact, may not always be possible as it depends on stuff like seam allowances

    because of that you have to go by the biggest size. it's just unfortunate that not a persoin on the planet is actually a standard size, so no matter what size dress you get it'll need altering. there shouldn't be any real difference in price between altering something half an inch and three inches - it's the same work, you just stitch a bit further in!
  • jennyb82jennyb82 Posts: 15
    I had a good experience with BM dresses at 'The Tailor's Cat' in Cambridge. My bridesmaids were measured and they settled on ordering size 4 and 6 (I couldn't believe they were so small!) and when they arrived they fitted almost perfectly apart from a small alteration to the bust. One bridesmaid is also a bridesmaid to her sister this year and ordered a dress from the same range. They measured her as a size 10 - she was a size 4 when measured at the tailor's cat so it was a whole 3 dress sizes larger! When it arrived it obviously swamped her and they charged £100 in alterations. This was as opposed to £20 for alterations for the dress for my wedding. I'm convinced from this and what other people say that shops make money on alterations and can deliberately mis-size.

    I had a bad experience with alterations for my own dress and with hindsight, I think they made a lot of money on it. I first paid £120 to get a bodice altered for size and a skirt altered for length. Then they charged an extra $45 to put 2 buttons and loops on for bustling. On the second fitting, the underskirt was the right length, but the upper skirt had only been taken up on the front 6 inches and the material at the sides (about 4 inches spare) just lay in puddles on the floor to the sides at the front. It looked pretty bad and I told them it was weird but they insisted that the dress was supposed to hang like that (I can't believe this was true). So then I had to pay another £95 to get the upper skirt taken up all the way around. When this came back it wasn't even and in some places the upper skirt was longer than the under skirt and in other places it was shorter. How hard can this be! Since there was nothing to be done, it was supposed to be longer and I was already wearing flats, I decided not to mention it, because I know this would have resulted in an argument, me complaining and them saying "we told you it wasn't supposed to be taken up, it's a difficult job etc" (not so, hemming shouldn't be a problem for a reasonable dressmaker) so I paid up and also had to sign something saying I was entirely happy with the dress so I can't complain. I think people won't really look at the hem, but it looks pretty noticeable to me because I know it's there.

    I think shops should be more honest and admit when there has been mistakes and give a reduction on the alteration costs. They should size more honestly - money should be made on the dresses, not the alterations. Customer service in some wedding shops is pretty poor considering the price you pay.
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