Mark Lesley bridesmaids

Hello ladies,

Is anyone out there having Mark Lesley bridesmaid dresses, and in particular, style 1001 (searchable on

Just wondering if anyone had any idea of prices for Mark Lesley bridesmaid dresses? My local supplier isn't very local, and also isn't very forthcoming with prices over the phone! It will have to be a special trip to go see the dresses and colours, but before I make plans to go I want to make sure that the dresses are within my price range! The website doesn't really give any idea of price.

I do realise that price will vary depending on supplier, but if I have an idea it will make my life easier!

Thanks image x


  • Hi

    Me and my friend both bought Mark Lesley Bridesmaid dresses for a New Years Eve prom, mine was very similar to 1001 - not sure if exactly but same colour, slightly diff style. My friend bought style 1051 and they were both roughly £70 each off the sale rack at our local bridal shop. They were about half price so you get the general idea of a price if you have to pay full price.

    My wedding dress is also Mark Lesley, and i am hoping to get my bridesmaids the same designer.

    A bit vague but i hope this helps you!!!

  • Hiya Pretty Sparkly!!

    I've just ordered 3 Mark Lesley bridesmaid dresses style 1042

    They were £190 each which was a lot more then we wanted to pay but we all loved them and the shop have given us one for half price so it doesn't seem as bad. They were far better quality then any other makes we had tried on

  • Didn't want to open a new thread when one already exists.  Does anyone have any up to date Mark Lesley price information?  

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