Jimmy choos

Hi again

I am planning on buying some jimmy choos. and i have seen the perfect ones on e bay. how much narrower are choos. do i need to go up a size or is a half size enough?

Has anybody bought choos from ebay. the seller gets good reviews but can somebody put my mind at rest before i spend £200.


  • cjacksonukcjacksonuk Posts: 227

    I had to take a half size bigger - 6.5 when I am a 6 everywhere else. My shoe is a strappy one also.

    I think it depends on the type of shoe also - I would advise going for a half size bigger.

    The best thing about ebay is that if the shoes are too wee you can sell them yourself.

    What are the Choos like you are after??

  • renicholasrenicholas Posts: 129
    Hi CJ

    They are aeris in ivory.

    i think i will need a larger size as i have got some gucci heels and they are a little bit on the narrow side definatly couldn't wear them all day an night.
  • cjacksonukcjacksonuk Posts: 227
    They are gorgeous!!

    Are you going to go for them on ebay then???

    Get the vendor to confirm any marks etc and general cleanliness of the shoes - I was trying on some ivory in a choo store the woman was really specific around the fact that I would need to get them cleaned before my wedding as they get dirty really easily and if I was trying them on with my dress etc then they would get a bit grimy?!?!? Just worth checking!

    I ended up getting a soft metallic gold strappy pair

    Let me know how you get on

  • renicholasrenicholas Posts: 129
    went to selfridges manchester today and tried on a similar syle and they don't fit very well so I am back to square one.

    Still have to have choos though.
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