Looking to Import a Bridesmaid Dress..

How much is import tax? Trying to work out if its worth my while getting it from the states, when I've been offered the dress here for £145 with delivery from a UK company, and the shop in the states is offering it for $155 plus taxes


  • melaniebukmelaniebuk Posts: 98
    I tried ringing customs & excise but it was very difficult to get a definitive answer as it depends on an item code and they aren't prepared to say precisely how much without it. There's definitely 17.5% VAT plus more for the import tax (I think at least as much again). ALso don't forget P&P. I thought I'd take the chance and am waiting for delivery of a bridesmaid dress from US site house of brides. This was $99 + P&P - a total of about £80. It's not due to arrive until October so can't tell you precisely what the tax amounts to until then. Melanie
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