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Dress alterations - Recommendations for South West London needed ASAP.

Hi all,

5 weeks before my wedding, I've changed my mind about my dress and have purchased a new one. The dress needs to be taken up and I need to find someone in South West London (I live in Wandsworth, happy to travel) fast.

I do have a bridal shop in mind, however I'm not sure whether they will have availabilty so need some back ups.

Any suggestions welcome. xx


  • michjoemichjoe Posts: 544
    Hi, I got my dress taken up at a place called Sew and Sew in Croydon 0208 686 8022 x
  • You can come to me and i can do alterations for your dress. Sorry i do not know your name. Look at website and see if you like it.

    Kind regards. Luda

  • My bridesmaids used the sewing rooms in Pitney based on a previous recommendation. They can do quick turn around if you pressure them. xx
  • Jane60Jane60 Posts: 2

    I used Alterations Boutique to alter my wedding dress. They are based in West London. They did the work to a very high standard and for a reasonable price. Unlike some of the other businesses I enquired with they have a shop front and are a proper alterations business. Beware of people who work from home or just have websites but are not an official company. Some I spoke to said they would only accept cash or a cheque. The addresses they had were just a home address and some were only mobile. Check if they are a limited company and if they have the correct insurance in place to protect your dress in case something goes wrong. Nothing went wrong for me but you never know. I was really anxious when I visited AB as my dress cost a small fortune but they made every attempt to make me relax. They even showed me their insurance certificate and their workshop without me asking. While I was there they were cleaning the floor - apparently they do it two or three times a day to ensure no marks can get on dresses. I thought I was ocd image.

    Hope this all helps!



  • Anna77Anna77 Posts: 7

    Hi there. If you need any help with alterations I would suggest Luda Taylor from .She managed alter my dress to fit as a glove, even though I was so unsure whether it would be possible as it was huge for me with lots of beading.Check her website for lots of testimonials and pictures.She based in Stratford but it is between 3 underground stations(stratford, west ham and plastow) within walking distance. She runs her studio from her house, professional and reliable premises, cosy and friendly.And on top of everything Luda is a great personality with huge experience and trustful opinion. I am very happy with the service I got. All the best!xx

  • Sammy8Sammy8 Posts: 2

    Alterations Boutique altered my Wedding Dress beautifully. The dress was really intricately beaded and I was worried about taking it to someone without experience. A few places I spoke to were not companies and operated from home or studios without insurance and wanted me to pay cash. I liked that Alterations Boutique were an actual ltd company with an actual walk in boutique with the correct insurance in place and that they accepted cards including Amex so I got my points image. I also liked that they had been in operation over 30 years too which gave me confidence. The staff were very experienced and this showed in how they advised me on correct fit and the resulting work. Would definitely recommend them.

    Sammy x

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Im sure the bride has had her dress altered now given that the post is from 2010!!!

  • Hilary8Hilary8 Posts: 2

    Important advice!! READ

    1. Visit a Registered Company and check how long they have been in operation.  If something goes wrong you can contact Trading Standards and have that company can potentially be struck off.

    2. Ensure they accept cards. If they ruin something you will be able to contact your card company and perform a charge back so you can get the money you paid back. A lot of card companies automatically provide insurance - check your card companies terms and conditions so if something happens to your dress they may pay for a replacement. In addition to have a card terminal the company must have a good credit record so this is another indicator all is well.

    3. Under no circumstances pay cash! You have no evidence you have made any transaction. If you paid by card you have evidence! If they only accept cash there must be a good reason like Tax avoidance. 

    3. Do not be fooled by testimonials and reviews. If they are a company that has been in operation some time then that is the best idea they are reputable. Avoid back alley businesses that operate from home! Anyone can set up a website and make false claims.

    I would recommend all brides visit a proper LTD company like or other registered company with a VAT number that is part of companies house and has proper commercial insurance that accepts cards and pays tax. Price is important but I would not take my child to a dentist that operated from home based on testimonials I saw on a website or reviews just because they can offer me a cheap cash deal. I am sorry but I think that going to an established alterations boutique with a shop front gives peace of mind. I had a friend that was offered a cheap deal by a would be seamstress that was fooled by testimonials and her Wedding Dress was ruined. As she had not paid on her card she had no protection. The worst part was that when she refused to pay for the botched alterations she could not get her dress back as the seamstress refused to open her front door of her home. She called the police but they said it was a civil matter and as she had given her the dress willingly it was not theft. She contacted Trading standards and they told her there was nothing she could do apart from make a civil claim. It was at that point she discovered that the seamstress had countless claims and she would likely never get any money.

    If things are cheap there is a good reason!

  • Having trawled through these posts looking for someone to alter my wedding dress, it’s looking remarkably like those that are posting these reviews are the companies themselves! 

    On most of the review pages, everytime Luda has an in-depth ‘review’, Alterations Boutique also has one straight after! Most of these reviews talk about having a shop front and then then in defence, the other one mentions something about working from home so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that these reviews are fake. It doesn’t fool me (and others it seems), and really shows desperation to have to go through these lengths. 

    See if you can work out who posted the one above mine!?

    Companies are not even supposed to post on this site, so it shows a lack of regard to the rules of this sites usage.


    The best way to tell if a company is worth their weight in gold is to email them with your requests to see if they have enough time and make the effort to respond back via email and to then call them to see if they even pick up the phone (and or return the call). Do your research and just type in 'wedding dress alterations’ into search engines and see what comes up. Above all, use your instinct. 


    PS. It’s going to be very interesting to see which one of those two will jump to their defence first with yet another gleaming review droning on about how great they are! Yawn 


  • That's great advice. I just checked online and saw a few companies when I did the search. Did my research too and I am going to go with Alterations Boutique in London. I called them and they were great on the phone. 

    Got an appointment with them in Jan.

    Thanks Georgina!

  • You’re welcome Janetta. I wondered which company name would come up straight after my post. Thank you also for taking the time and the trouble to search exactly where i put these posts up warning of dodgy reviews and responding to each of them on these links also:


    I also found someone to alter my dress, but the company you mentioned was the last on my list, furthermore, i don’t feel the need to advertise whom i chose, as i was able to use my own judgment rather than what’s posted in fake reviews and i hope other brides do the same.
  • Drew3Drew3 Posts: 13

    Hi Georgina,

    Thank you for all your assistance. I found Alterations Boutique as you suggested by doing a search online and I am very pleased. The great thing to is they are near Oxford Street so easy to commute to from work. There were some other places I saw but they were to far away to get to and did inspire my confidence in the same way.

    Thanks for your great advice by the way. I Went to my first appointment yesterday and they were great. 

    I could not recommend them enough to all my fellow brides. Will post some pics for everyone to see.

    Thanks xx

  • Wow “Drew", as well as "Janetta" you’ve also taken the time and trouble to post on every page that i posted on and you’ve also given a glowing review for that same company.

    How very predictable! 

  • Drew3Drew3 Posts: 13

    Hi Georgina,

    I have found your posts to be very rude but I have ignored your strange behaviour as I am sure everyone else has on here. 

    Now let me educate you on Free Speech. It means I have the right to say what I feel when I feel.

    If I want to post a comment I have the right to do so. I don't think you are a bride at all but probably a competitor yourself trying to get the better of another business. Quite Sad really.

    I have described my experience at Alterations Boutique which has been fantastic. I would recommend all brides go here if they need alterations. That's my opinion and I am sharing it. 

    Now please enjoy your weekend Georgina. I will with my wonderful man!


  • Hi Drew,

    You're sounding quite aggressive and for someone that advocates free speech, you certainly seem to have a problem with mine. You’re also sounding extremely defensive and i actually question whether you’re a real bride especially since you’ve gone out of your way to follow all my posts on other pages and respond to them. 


    In reference to your comment about being a competitor, if that was the case, i think i’d probably have alot more to say on here …. I’d also spend my precious time talking about how great my business is if i had one!


    So, going back to my original post, i think there are alot of fake reviewers on here that go over and above what real customers would say. When i did my research, alot of what’s being said on the phone was not what was being said when i took my dress to them, hence i didn’t want to leave my dress with them.


    My advice to all brides-to-be: Before proceeding with your alterations is to get everything in writing before you visit them, that way they can’t back out of what they’ve said on the phone or on their website.


    This message doesn’t require a response and isn’t a post for opportunists to promote any alteration business!
  • Grace34Grace34 Posts: 12

    Hi Drew,

    I took you up on your advice and am using Alterations Boutique. They have been great so far. They quoted a lot less than some of the other places I called. Who is Altering your dress there?



  • Drew3Drew3 Posts: 13

    Morning Grace,

    On the way to work so it was nice to see your post 

    They have a few bridal seamstresses at Alterations Boutique but the lady I am using there is called Ingrida.

    She is brilliant. She is completely restyling my dress for me - what they doing to yours?

    Drew x

  • Grace34Grace34 Posts: 12

    I am using her too. She is wonderful.

    My dress was too small when it arrived so they are making me a new corset. She showed me the work she has done before and she is really good.

    I am going to be getting my bridesmaids outfits altered by Alterations Boutique too.

    The girls are coming with me to my first fitting next week to get measured.

    Well said by the way about 'free speech' . If it weren't for your recommendation I might not have found Alterations Boutique. 



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