Just found an ellis bridal dress, how much do they cost

I have just came accross this website and love dress 11132. Does anyone know how much ellis dress cost? Could not get a direct link from website sorry


  • I have this dress!image

    Just had my first fitting and I still adore it. Mine cost £750, although I think some people have got them a bit cheaper.

    Personally I think they are amazing value, they look fabulous, but are really reasonably priced.

    HTH image
  • jilly15ukjilly15uk Posts: 305
    omg, i was thinking with the amount of what i have called bling!!! on it, it would cost heaps! Where you stay? I stay near aberdeen and the 2 stockist i think are more expensive shops!

    Do you get the ribbon in different colours? is the one on the internet lilac?

    sorry so much questions i just love it!
  • I'm in Reading, the shop I got mine from does Ian Stuart too, so its not cheap! I went with the colours on the sample cos I really liked it, i don't know if they do it in other colours, but I don't think that it would be too difficult for your dressmaker to change the ribbon if you wanted?
  • SlebsSlebs Posts: 205
    I have a 11056 which cost £780 inc free alterations and £78 (10%) towards accessories.
  • Mine costed £900. More than I wanted to spend but worth it !!
  • gemenargemenar Posts: 669
    My sister's 11032 was £699
  • jilly15ukjilly15uk Posts: 305
    i am so disappointed both shops in aberdeen dont have it! one has said it is still available to order, so i dont know if they will manage to order in for me to try on, i really like it and keep thinking about it! i have emailed ellis and asked if they know if anyone in scotland has the dress, but awaiting reply.
  • MrsGadd2BMrsGadd2B Posts: 38
    Mine is 11107 and cost me £810 they are throwing in all alterations as i am a wedding coordinator in a hotel and do some recommending for them but that was only gonna cost another £50 for bits and bobs.

    need more ellis bridal threads love talking about my dress!image
  • MrsPhersonMrsPherson Posts: 223
    My Ellis 11091 cost £850.

    Ellis dresses are really affordable and look much more than they cost, I love my Ellis dress! image

    Natalie x
  • mrsltobeemrsltobee Posts: 74
    Hi Mrs G

    I just checked with my local ellis stockist in Cupar (fife) and she said they dont have it in stock but if you get in touch they may be able to get it on loan for a week so you can try it on.

    This is their website, they are lovely. i almost bought an ellis dress from them but found another one that pipped it.


    hope they get it for you xx

  • I am hopefully having Ellis 11022 (ordering on Saturday) and it costs £680. I found another bridal shop near me that were selling it for £705. Both pretty cheap for an Ellis dress I think.
  • Hi

    desperatetly trying to find the thread about ellis 11032 princess and the frog with real bride photos and suggestions on it, but the search function on this site is awful, can anyone help please?

  • Anyone selling ellis 11132 white wedding dress size 10-12 I am 5ft 10inches tall x

  • Is anyone selling an ellis 11022 dress in size 10?

  • DerynDeryn Posts: 1

    I have just bought an Ellis wedding dress in a local Charity shop for just £5 !!!!. I think it's from 1980s. Bargain eh???

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