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Has anyone ordered from them? Im thinking of getting my Bridesmaid dresses from there but would feel better if someone else had ordered first image


  • elle_locoelle_loco Posts: 6
    Not myself, but one of my friends did & her dress was amazing! Think it cost around £200 and it was perfect - nothing that could be faulted! They actually had another dress (provided as part of their wedding package) and opted for the MKM one instead as it was better.

    She had nothing but positives to say about them so I hope this helps
  • kwaleskwales Posts: 117
    I have ordered my bridesmaid dresses from them - they're not due to arrive until June but I will let you know how I get on! I read loads of really positive reviews on here before ordering - they've probably all disappeared now since the site was changed but I certainly didn't read anything bad about them at all. Top tip - I have ordered from their ebay site because the prices are slightly cheaper than on their actual website. Hope this helps! Kwales x
  • jen1609jen1609 Posts: 89
    Thanks girls thats a great help. I am going to order a colour sample as i want Cadburys Purple and a few others sites have not been able to match the colour i have in mind.

    KWales please let me know when yours arrive and what they are like, what style did you order?

  • het1984het1984 Posts: 17
    How did it all go with mkm bridal???
  • mojojobiemojojobie Posts: 733
    I'd love to know how you all got on with mkm?? Just looked on the website and seen 2 bm dresses I love, very good prices too!
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