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i found these shoes......worth the money?

i came across these the other day and cant stop looking at them

what you think. splurge the £150 on them or save it and get a cheaper/better pair?!!


  • NowMrsT62011NowMrsT62011 Posts: 2,580
    That is a lot of money so I think it really depends on your budget and if you can afford it. If you can and you love them then go for it.
  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    I've spent a lot on a pair of Jimmy Choo's....We're girls, we love shoes and we're only getting married once (Hopefully) so go for it I would say x
  • TheNewMrsFTheNewMrsF Posts: 628
    aahhh karen millen shoes! Love them! they're even better in real life! Up to you though hun if you want to splurge go for it! xxx
  • I think they are fab - too high for me (wish I could wear heels like that though!)

    I agree with Mrs Ashley 2B - go for it.

  • Amazing!!!! I say go for it! imagexx
  • NewcastleBeccaNewcastleBecca Posts: 1,450
    I think £150 is really really reasonable for wedding shoes!

    My concern would be that the glitz would catch on the dress and pull the fabric. Something to think about
  • mrsltobeemrsltobee Posts: 74
    OH MY WORD........just went to buy them (why the hell not) and they are only in stock in a size 3.image noooooooooo!!

    do you have them mrsfielding? good point about the catching becca. my skirt is quite full and i will have a hoop underneath so that should help.

    ( gonna go email to see then they are back in stock!) xx
  • nattytuknattytuk Posts: 78
    Yes yes yes yes buy them now!!! I am probably going to blow the budget on some Manolos so go for it!!! xxxx
  • nattytuknattytuk Posts: 78
    Just saw the last post you had a bit excited what with the shoes and all!! Hopefully they will get more in. What about other stores? Can they get them in to your nearest one? xxxxx
  • ickledeeickledee Posts: 258
    MrsLTobe - I tried these shoes on last week and they are gorgeous. However, the pair I tried on had loads of beads missing around the foot. I asked if this was a common problem with them and was told unfortunately yes. The girl said that she had them and loads of the beads came off and so she ended up just removing alot of them and she said thats the only probem with them - that the beads tend to fall off imageimage so I never bought them.

    If my wedding date was nearer I would probably have got them so I could return them when the beads fall off but my wedding is not until next March x
  • NextyearNextyear Posts: 97 New bride
    i tried these on for my daughters wedding, i always wear heels.

    they are really uncomfortable for the price, the leather is too stiff

    i dont think they are worth the money if they cripple you on your big day!
  • xayukxayuk Posts: 591 New bride
    Great shoes! I say, if it is within your budget go for it!
  • THATAmyTHATAmy Posts: 21
    I decided they were worth the pain so I have just bought them

    I will only wear them for the day do so if you are interested i could sell them to you after?

    Size 4
  • niclou79niclou79 Posts: 1,142
    They are amazing, but just one boring practical thing - depending on the fabric of your dress, the underskirt or any part, wouldn't get snagged on all that bling would it? Because mine would, so i'm having to go for quite plain shoes image
  • racerbirdracerbird Posts: 49
    If you don't get them, go and have a look at Dune as they have lots of gorgeous shoes, I got mine from them (paid ?????£110 yikes and they are similarly high!) here they are image

    I love Karen Millen stuff but have to agree, things like beads do have a tendency to fall off and I always find this a bit disappointing given it's not exactly a cheap option.

    the point about the beads snagging is a good one too, I know if there was the slightest risk of it then I would end up falling flat on my face, I'm so clumsy!
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