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Vera Wang £30 appointment??

I have enquired at Vera Wang in Selfridges London to view the range they have got in store. Due to them having a sample sale June 11th I wanted to see which dresses were going to be in the sale, try them on to see if there was anything I liked.

BUT they asked for a £30 fee to book an appointment. I do not know why they are wishing to charge a fee, maybe they get a lot of no-shows or something.

Has anyone else had an appointment and paid £30??


  • Carrie497Carrie497 Posts: 273
    That's outrageous!! I wonder if they get a lot of time wasters and are trying to put them off but still, I wouldn't pay to try on a dress!
  • RegencyBrideRegencyBride Posts: 474
    I don't think this is standard at normal bridal stores, I think maybe it's just posh designers who do it?

    I can imagine they might get a lot of brides rocking up and wanting to try on dresses just so they can say they've tried on a Vera Wang, with no intention of actually buying one, therefore wasting their time.

    I assume this would be redeemable against the price of any dress you bought, but don't know whether this would work with a sample sale?
  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    Total florist (David Austin Roses)wanted £25 to have a weekend appointment....I swiftly booked a Friday appointment x
  • I paid £25 for an appointment at a designer weekend. It was a refundable deposit to make sure I turned up. I reckon it's the same there. They'll refund it once you're there!
  • NewcastleBeccaNewcastleBecca Posts: 1,450
    Its common. They just take your details and refund you. Particularly if there is a bridal sale....they'll have people trying them on and then hoping to find the bridal sale. Caroline Castialiagno does it too but hers is £25
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